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18 THE WOLVERINE SEPTEMBER 2018 BY JOHN BORTON T he no-pothole path contin- ued apace for Michigan ath- letics over the past year, a nearly $190-million annual operation remaining on solid finan- cial and logistical pavement. So reported Michigan director of athletics Warde Manuel to the Uni- versity of Michigan Board of Regents on June 21. Manuel delivered a pro- jected surplus of $2.5 million for fis- cal year 2018, with operating rev- enues of $188.1 million and operating expenses of $185.6 million. The outlook for fiscal year 2019 re- mains without any foreseen detours. Michigan again projects a $2.5-mil- lion surplus, figuring on operating revenues of $187.8 million and ex- penses totaling $185.3 million. Tweaks in a few categories move the numbers slightly, but the big pic- ture doesn't change, according to Manuel. "I'm very satisfied," he insisted. "We want to bring in the resources that we need, and we also want to spend them wisely. "Our projections fluctuate year to year. It just so happened that this year we had a $2.5-million surplus and next year we look to have a $2.5-million surplus. "But as one of my former col- leagues who mentored me in this business — [former Michigan athletic director] Bill Martin — said, 'We're one roof blowing off from having to dip significantly into reserves.' "It's about maintaining the success we have, the investment in our stu- dents, our coaches and our programs to continue that success." A roof blowing off isn't the only concern Manuel might have along the way. For the most part, he's ap- preciating the steady-as-she-goes performance, but keeps a watchful eye out for the icebergs. "What makes me feel great is the continued support of our fans, our donors and our alums who purchase tickets to support the sports of foot- ball and basketball in significant numbers," he said. "That's a big por- tion of our ticket sales, and next year we're looking at about $49 million in ticket sales. I'm very appreciative of that. "What keeps me awake is making sure our fans continue to come back, and that they have an enjoyable ex- perience. We want our ushers and everybody at the stadium to make sure everyone has a safe and fun ex- perience. "Television revenue and every- thing that brings into the equation OVERALL SUCCESS Director Of Athletics Warde Manuel Managed A Very Good Year For Michigan Sports, Athletically, Academically And Financially Manuel and his athletic department project a surplus of $2.5 million for fiscal year 2018 and 2019. PHOTO BY LON HORWEDEL

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