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Sept. 10, 2018

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Page 4 of 55 SEPT. 10, 2018 5 FAN FORUM DESECRATION OF THE UNIFORM The newly revealed Shamrock Se- ries uniforms take the meaning of buffoonery to perilous new levels. Could they be more awful? Notre Dame wears gold helmets. Period. We are not the Yankees and don't need to pretend we are by wearing pinstripes. It was an egregious enough sin to give up a home game to play in New York, but the powers that be are now compounding it by sending us out wearing clown suits. Honestly, old alums like myself just shake our heads and wonder what is going on down there sometimes. Tom Derengoski '70 Lansing, Mich. PASS OR FAIL? It was disappointing to read the practice reports that the inconsis- tency at quarterback remains. The second year as the anointed starter and fourth year in the program should be a time of optimism and belief in the quarterback position. Under Coach Kelly the quarterback position has seemed to regress in the second year of playing versus the first year. More wins seem to have come in year one with a new QB ver- sus the other years with a returning starter. The quarterbacks in the past eight seasons seem to get lost eyes and lose their confidence the longer they are in the program — probably indicative of so few staying to the end of their eligibility at Notre Dame. Hopefully the practice struggles reported were just an anomaly and resultant of a short viewing cycle af- forded to the media and not a precur- sor of frustration for fans throughout the season. Go Irish! Gorman Findley Centre Hall, Pa. THE END It's time to put, "Urban Meyer for Notre Dame Coach" behind us — finally. Matt Hart Trenton, Mich. Mr. Hart, that was a coaching ship that actually had sailed way back in De- cember 2004, although some might have wanted to continue to indulge in the fantasy in the years thereafter. FROM THE WEBSITE One of the many topics on's message board the week of the Michigan game was senior quarterback Brandon Wimbush and the questions sur- rounding his accuracy. One reader pointed out how former All-Pro quarterback Troy Aikman commented, "I don't know how you can be coached to improve on throwing short passes at this stage of your career. Either you can or can't do it." This prompted extensive responses. Here is a small sample: Bcnd: Tiger Woods still gets coached on how to make five footers; remark- ably dumb comment by Aikman. Uteck42: You are talking about one of the most clutch putters in the history of the game, not a guy that butchered 5-footers for his career. FightinMike87: Aikman never coached a day in his life. Just because a guy played at a high level doesn't mean his opinion is gospel or he knows what he's talking about. Wimbush doesn't need to be perfect to be effective. He only needs to make 1 out of 10 throws more than he does now so the defense has to respect that part of the offense. Thomasna: Wimbush will never be a super accurate QB and he probably will never be great at throwing short passes. That said, he can improve in both areas in his second year as a starter. He doesn't have to be Baker May- field accurate in order to be a good QB for ND in this offense. There seems to be two camps on Wimbush: Those that believe he is going to drastically improve and those that think he is what he is at this point. I don't understand why it has to be either/or. Bn23nd: Blank slate to start this season. Personally, I still have my doubts but if Wimbush can just be average as a passer, then his ability as a runner and leader will definitely put the Irish offense in a position to be explosive again this season. Kwusmc: Good points, but I don't care how good an NFL QB Wimbush can be. All I care about is how good he is at Notre Dame. Many college football QBs who were very successful in college weren't good in the NFL. At Notre Dame alone the past 50 years: Terry Hanratty, Tom Clements, Tony Rice, Kevin McDougal, Rick Mirer, Ron Powlus, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, Tommy Rees. Motor659: It's not that Wimbush has mechanical issues he needs to overcome (because he does), it's more of a confidence issue that plagues him. If he believes in himself, he does a great job. But let a little doubt creep in and he's a train wreck. Kid has excellent physical skills when he runs the ball but his passing is a liability. I'll root for him to succeed because if he does ND has a great chance at the "W." BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Blue & Gold Illustrated / Letters P. O. Box 1007, Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: Senior quarterback Brandon Wimbush's accuracy throwing the football has been a much-discussed topic among Irish fans. PHOTO BY ANGELA DRISKELL

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