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APRIL 2019 THE WOLVERINE 5   FROM OUR READERS • Hard to argue against Turner. But I really think it will be whoever stays healthiest between Turner and Char- bonnet. Apologies for hedging, but that's what it'll come down to. Wilson will be third and his production will look a lot like last season. fisherswolves • I think we get a surprise this year. Turner obviously could be the guy, but my gut says that a current unknown will emerge and have a good year. Mi- chael Barrett comes to mind, or maybe the freshman Charbonnet or Giles Jack- son, or maybe a walk-on like Jared Char. Running back will be by committee regardless, as it has been since Har- baugh took the job. I just keep saying to myself over and over: Bi-aka-but- uka. It's time we get another surprise like him. jrandyyoung • If Turner didn't experience early in- juries in camp and in the early season, nobody would even know Tru Wilson existed. Turner would have taken all of those reps and carries from him. He was having a great fall camp. MaizeNBlue1817 On Wolverines at the NFL Combine … • Nice to see that Michigan is basically reporting height and weight accurately on its website. It's always embarrassing when a guy measures in way smaller than listed. Nothing really notewor- thy about the measurables for Rashan Gary, Chase Winovich or Devin Bush. Gary is pretty similar to Jadeveon Clowney — will be very interested to see how the run/jump/lift measure- ments compare. LaneGoBlue13 • At 5-11 and 237 pounds with little body fat and his speed and drive, al- though Devin Bush is small for an NFL linebacker he's going to go around middle of the first round. That dude has a lot of heart and moxie. I knew cornerback David Long was good, but to finish tops in the 3 cone and 20-yard shuttle is amazing. … Chase Winovich's charisma as a com- petitor and his 40 speed also matching Gary's, among other accomplishments, I think will end up elevating and pro- moting him to a higher pick perhaps than first thought. It's pretty well con- sensus that Rashan Gary's a top-10 pick. orsons • Man, we had some serious athletes on defense last year. Defensive ends that ran 4.5s, a DB that drops a ridicu- lous day like Long did and Devin Bush putting up freakish numbers all around. dpre9 • Tight end Zach Gentry will be drafted and will make very good NFL money. Some team will be convinced that his size can be leveraged. And they may be right. Wichita Blue • Bush got 40.5 inches on the vertical. That kid is a ridiculous combo of explo- sion, instinct and physicality. Someone is getting a future All-Pro. cwp • Anyone else surprised how fast Chase is? I figured him to be more of a 4.7 guy. 4.59 is blazing! Proud of that dude. maizeandblue54 • Ever since last year I've thought Chase's NFL future was very bright. He's the absolute perfect fit for the NFL, a LaMarr Woodley/Clay Matthews type outside linebacker. He was maybe the best power-rushing end in the country last year, but also has the athleticism to go sideline to sideline. Harbaugh Hammer • Really happy for Chase. That's a great time. In my opinion, he may have locked in a spot in the second round. Before that time, he was more likely a third. He's always reminded me of Jared Al- len, the old Vikings DE. Hopefully, he'll have a similar career. sparky99 • Jim Harbaugh puts players in the league! Not since Lloyd Carr have we put so many players in the league yearly. It's great for the program. 2021 • Just win baby. Section42Row32 • For a player, a Big Ten champion- ship would be nice, but that is not an individual goal — I think his player de- velopment and getting players into the NFL is certainly a factor in recruiting. I, for one, would like to see both, but definitely proud of more players show- ing up at the combine and getting drafted vs. the Hoke and RichRod years. bluestrom • Lloyd put players in the league AND beat our rivals and won champion- ships! Pretty Impressive! Order of importance for me … 1. Win national championship 2. Win Big Ten championship 3. Beat Ohio State 4. Beat Michigan State 5. Graduate players 6. Put players into the NFL Go_Blue_41 • Harbaugh has beat everyone but Ohio State. They are amongst the top four elite programs in college football. We are still working through the right coaching and personnel mix for this team. Last year was the first year we had a real QB. Sorry some of you consider not dethroning a program like Ohio right away a failure (and we almost did it once already). But the big picture is very few are breaking into that elite category, and it can take some time, es- pecially when you don't inherit a team with the right depth at key positions like QB and OL. ck_94 • Agree on all points. I'll also add that we do not have a strong home-state talent pool, our academic standards create limitations (see transfer admis- sion denials for Deontay Anderson and Van Jefferson), and oh … we are about as clean as you can be. It's no mystery that teams like Mich- igan and Stanford (and, to a degree, Notre Dame) or any other clean pro- gram have not won a national champi- onship in the BCS era. Not. One. Clean. Program. Tabularasa Former U-M linebacker Devin Bush ranked among the top eight at his position in every test at the NFL Combine except for bench press, where he tied for 13th. PHOTO BY PER KJELDSEN

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