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Oct. 26, 2019*

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Page 12 of 55 OCT. 26, 2019 13 UNDER THE DOME THEY SAID IT "There's nothing like coming out of the tunnel. It's unbelievable. Really getting to see so much tradition walking down the tunnel. And then when you come out, it's a moment of silence, you can't hear anything. You just see the smoke. Once you come out of the smoke, you see the crowd and then it's go time. I always say that we have the best fans in the country, and I know that's a big cliche, but it's easy to work for them. And, of course, we work for each other but then, at the same time, we work for the fans. We work for you guys as well, because we want to put on a show for you every Saturday." — Notre Dame safety Jalen Elliott on "Irish Reality — USC (2019)" YouTube video "I was very impressed with the team. I watched practice. I was impressed with Ian Book's quickness. I was also impressed with the backup quarterback's [Phil Jurkovec] arm strength. I talked to them all about the love on a team. All great championship teams have a feeling for one another. And the great teams won't let one another down. And you win because of the love. You don't love because you won. "With all the great teams I've been around, that's where it all starts. You go around making bed check on Friday night, not to check if they're in, but just to get the feel of where they are mentally. And the players usually say, 'Yeah, I just don't want to let my teammates down. I know they're going to play great. I just want to make sure I do my part.' When you have that kind of respect and trust in your teammates, that's when you feel good about going into a big game." — Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz on this current Irish team (The South Bend Tribune) "On the Colts' offense, Quenton Nelson is both a mauler and a baller. I firmly believe the Indianapolis guard is a legit top-four candidate for league MVP at this moment. The second-year stud has changed everything for the Colts. In an attempt to limit the electric [Patrick] Mahomes' field time, Indianapolis ran the ball 45 times for 180 yards, with Marlon Mack piling up 132 yards on 29 carries. Nelson laid the ground for so many of Indy's biggest rushing gains, bulldozing gargantuan holes through the first two levels of the defense." —'s Adam Schein after the Colts upset the Kansas City Chiefs 19-13 Oct. 6 "I think that this year, we're as deep as we have been in a long time [in college football] in terms of national title contenders. I don't think they're going to have the résumé to get in because of that loss to Georgia, but if you put every team on a [neutral] field, I think Notre Dame is right there with everybody." — FOX Sports football analyst Joel Klatt on Colin Cowherd's FOX Sports radio show The Herd "College GameDay has built its legacy traveling from city to city, campus to campus showcasing the unmatched passion of college football fans and the pageantry surrounding the game. The Notre Dame-Navy rivalry serves as the perfect backdrop for College GameDay's inaugural international appearance. We look forward to giving the great fans of Ireland and the thousands of Americans traveling to Dublin an unforgettable experience." — ESPN senior vice president of production Lee Fitting on College GameDay going to Dublin, Ireland, in 2020 DID YOU KNOW... Your home address will be automatically changed to the mailing address on file with the US Postal Service? ALL addresses are cross-referenced with the USPS National Change of Address database. It can take up to 7 days for the USPS to update your address in their database? To prevent missed issues, please notify the US Postal Service ASAP. Your postal forwarding order expires in 60 days or less? Most forwarding requests expire in 60 days and DO NOT always include periodical mail. Issues are discarded at their discretion. You should call your local post office to verify your delivery address? Don't assume the post office knows your vacation or moving schedule. AVOID COSTLY DELAYS & REPLACEMENTS! Blue & Gold Illustrated Customer Service: 1–800–421–7751 We are happy to assist, but due to privacy laws all postal address changes must be completed by you. OF THE WEEK ➤""Left a lot out there … thankful to get back to work! Time to lock in" Senior safety Jalen Elliott (@Jae_Uno_) after the 52-0 win over Bowling Green PHOTO BY ANDRIS VISOCKIS

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