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• I guess this isn't really making a single player safer in any way. Send them home and hopefully a fall 2021 season hap- pens. A spring football season would be an absolute joke and wreck two seasons, so I hope logic eventually prevails there, where it didn't this time around. thetruth82 • The Big Ten better not have a single student on campus. UP_Blue • They have just stuck a knife in col- lege sports. Lords86 • Not surprised at all. One silver lining is maybe we can actually have football with some fans in the stadium by next spring. Will make for a better product than playing with no fans in the fall, in my opinion. maj.mills • College basketball, you're next. SouthpawBlue6 • Tough call, but in my view the right one. On a personal level, I am as disap- pointed as anyone that I won't get to see Michigan play in the fall, but it's not worth the risk to the players and the communities in which they play. If other leagues go forward with their seasons, it will be like a large-scale A/B test and we'll be able to see in retro- spect if the Big Ten made the right call. GoBlueSOMA • They better hope other Power Five conferences don't play this fall. If they do, you can kiss a lot of your top talent goodbye. ap3jags • I don't mind the decision. I mind the lack of preparation over the last 5-6 months. COVID isn't new. We've seen in New York City how you can combat the virus in a place more crowded than a college campus. This is about a failure of leadership at conference and univer- sity level. detblue14 • Selfishly, I was really looking for- ward to some semblance of normal with football coming around. The im- pact of no football could make this a real quandary. The negative recruiting by others, the perception by top re- cruits to go elsewhere and the financial ramifications of lost revenue make me cringe. The last part I think U-M can absorb, but the first couple of things we already struggle with. AirborneArmi • What happens when these go kids go back to their homes, don't have a controlled environment, start to make stupid choices, are in even worse ar- eas and lose their shot at their dream of playing in the NFL because they weren't allowed to play? Chuckuls • Players can still be on campus, liv- ing with safety protocols, instead of returning home. VictorVal • We honestly won't know if this is a bad choice for a couple of months. What happens if the SEC tries to play and gets three games in and has to cancel? If the other leagues get a sea- son in, the Big Ten will have made a poor decision. If they get three games in and cancel, I think the Big Ten will look like they made the right call. andrewhfine • If we play in spring 2021, does that mean we'd also play in fall 2021? What a disadvantage that would be, having to play two seasons in nine months while the SEC, ACC and Big 12 don't have to do the same. beELITEStrombo • It's a disastrous and unacceptable solution. Health and wellness are not the priority if they intend on two sea- sons in 2021. elway4u2nv • I don't think a spring season hap- pens. The Pac-12 is not interested and although others clearly disagree I think if the other three conferences get started they're not stopping. I'll watch it, don't get me wrong, but all you'd be doing is risking players' health for what — one conference season? OKWolverine Join The Conversation! Use Code BLUE60 60-Day Free Trial To our readers, We want to assure you that despite the pandemic, the Big Ten canceling fall sports and the post office's many issues, we will continue to publish The Wolverine and maintain our website in the Rivals network, Post Office Problems In an effort to control costs (the post office has lost billions of dollars), the new postmaster has eliminated over- time, changed schedules and moved around high-speed sorting equipment. COVID-19 is also an ongoing concern with the post office. The result has been longer service delays in many areas of the country. We ask that you be patient with your delivery. Please note that all subscribers have ac- cess to the digital version of the magazine at and are sent a link before it's even printed. The publication looks great on computers and tablets, and we urge you to give it a try. Our Content Plans Recruiting coverage will still be a mainstay of the magazine, with features on every football and basketball com- mitment, the master list of football tar- gets who have received offers, a notes section and recruiting features. Updates on Wolverines in the pros, Where Are They Now — a historical look back at a former U-M player or coach — columns and letters will continue to appear in each issue. Until sports return, our main features will be rankings (the best games of the last decade, the top Michigan pro football and basketball players of all time, etc.), comparisons (how football and basketball coaches at U-M fared in certain categories, how players at the same position performed, etc.) and oral histories covering major moments in Wolverine sports. While we would greatly prefer to be covering Michigan football this fall, we are excited about the challenge of pro- viding you an interesting and informa- tive magazine during a pandemic. Go Blue!! 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