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January 2021

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20 ■ THE WOLFPACKER BY TIM PEELER Text message: "Hey, Chris, I'm work- ing on a magazine story about you and Rodney, and what you are both up to these days. I don't think I have his new cell number. Can you send it to me?" Text message: [Bloop] "New contact: Ice" Text message: "Hey, Rodney. I'm working on a magazine story about you and Chris, and what you are up to. Just wondering if you have him listed under 'Fire'?" Text message: [Bloop] "Not yet, but I'm going to change it right now." New contact: Fire. THE ICEMAN COMETH, THE ICEMAN COMETH, WITH FIRE BY HIS SIDE WITH FIRE BY HIS SIDE Even 30 Years After Graduation, It's Hard To Separate Chris Corchiani And Rodney Monroe W H E R E AR E T H E Y N O W ? RODNEY MONROE CHRIS CORCHIANI

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