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4 THE WOLVERINE JANUARY 2021   FROM OUR READERS REEVALUATING MICHIGAN FOOTBALL Dear The Wolverine, As one who has bled maize and blue forever, to say that I am dis- mayed and embarrassed by the state of Michigan football would be the understatement of the century! There was a time when other teams greatly feared the Wolverines, but since the year 2000 Michigan has rou- tinely lost to mediocre or lesser teams with unacceptable regularity. There was an aura of respectability and even occasional awe during Lloyd Carr's tenure, but then with Rich Rodriguez, Brady Hoke and Jim Harbaugh, the team's performance has been way below past Michigan standards and what can even be called decent. Under Harbaugh, Michigan has consistently recruited mostly four- star players and the occasional five- star. However, player development and motivation have been absolutely dismal and an abject failure given the great fanfare and high hopes with which Harbaugh was hired! Yes, 17- to 20-year-olds make mis- takes, both on and off the field, but it is clear the coaches on either side of the ball cannot and do not seem to have the ability to modify a game plan once adversity hits. If the game plan on either side — lately mostly on defense — does not work, Michigan seems to have no plan B or is incapable of regrouping and getting back on track. This has been demonstrated so often when Michigan comes out for the second half and it's more of the same that one saw in the poorly played first half. When players, especially defensive backs, are out of position game af- ter game and do not play the ball, it is on the coaching staff! When the same mistakes occur consecutively and when penalties mount in every game, it is on the coaching staff! With its on-field performance, which reflects the level and quality of coaching, the top recruits in state and around the country have gone to Ohio State, Notre Dame, Alabama, and quite frequently even Penn State and MSU! Given this dismal state of affairs (pro- testations to the contrary from some lifelong Michigan apologists notwith- standing), the Wolverines' athletics de- partment has a clear choice to make — either accept reality and proven facts, and bring a Dabo Swinney, Nick Saban or (wash my mouth with soap) even an Urban Meyer to coach Michigan, or join a lesser conference such as the MAC — though let's not forget we have lost to the likes of Appalachian State and some MAC teams. Michigan can and must do much, much better for the $7-8 million it is annually spending on Mr. Harbaugh! Farooque Rizwy Coon Rapids, Minn. REEVALUATING MICHIGAN FOOTBALL, PART II Dear The Wolverine, Let's be realistic — we are a basket- ball school! Outside of a season or two, we have not even been in the hunt for a Big Ten championship, let alone the national championship. Our pro- gram is out of date. Bo Schembechler would not excel today, and Jim Har- baugh won't either. College football has moved forward, but we haven't. Just watch successful teams and compare them to us. Our offense and January 2021 • Vol. 32, No. 6 ISSN 1048-9940 Editor John Borton Editor Chris Balas Football Recruiting Writer EJ Holland Staff Writers Austin Fox Clayton Sayfie Drew Hallett Managing Editor Ryan Tice Contributing Editors Steve Downey Chris Riffer Layout And Design Jeanette Blankenship Chris Miller Contributing Photographers Lon Horwedel Per Kjeldsen Cover Photo EJ Holland Publisher Stu Coman Business Manager Linda Autry Marketing/Merchandise Manager Beverly Taylor Director Of Advertising Michelle Delee-Hamilton Customer Service Cathy Jones, Laura Thornton The Wolverine is published monthly. A one- year (12 issues) subscription is $56.99. The Wolverine is printed at The Papers in Milford, Ind. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Wolverine, P.O. Box 2331, Durham, NC 27702. Periodical postage paid at Durham, NC 27702 and additional offices. For advertising or subscription information, call 1-800-421-7751 or write The Wolverine, P.O. Box 2331, Durham, NC 27702. The Wolverine is a publication of Coman Publishing Company, 905 W. Main St, Suite 24F, Durham, NC 27701. E-Mail Address: Subscription questions: Website: The status of head coach Jim Harbaugh after a 2-4 campaign is, and will continue to be until there is resolution, the biggest talk- ing point surrounding Michigan football. PHOTO BY LON HORWEDEL Be Heard! Send your letters to: Wolverine Letters • P.O. Box 2331 Durham, NC 27702 Or email: Letters may be edited for clarity or length.

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