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Making A Difference Michigan Wants Its Receivers To Be Game Changers Senior Drew Dileo has made 30 catches for 455 yards and four touchdowns over the first three seasons of his U-M career. S By John Borton ome think of them as pretty boys, camera seekers, showboats in a gritty gridiron world. That sort of image makes U-M wide receivers coach Jeff Hecklinski recoil like a Notre Dame administrator eying a Michigan football series contract extension. The U-M wideouts boss demands toughness. His players ooze the old-time Michigan mantra that a devastating block works as well as a highlight-reel touchdown catch. Hecklinski intends to see plenty of both this fall. His crew, rather than posing, stands ready to plant. He insists Michigan wide receivers should be the group that puts the Wolverines in position to win every game it plays in 2013. "If that means you've got to get the block, get the block," Hecklinski said. "If that means you've got to get down on a punt and make the tackle, make the tackle. And don't just make it — make it an impact. "If you're going to make a block, take him off his feet. If you're 100  ■  The Wolverine 2013 Football Preview wr photo by lon horwedel going to make a catch, get up and over. If there are two guys in your way, get up and over both of them. If there are three guys, get up and over all three. "Whatever it takes, make it impactful. That's what I think this group is building to be in position to do." He wants Michigan opponents adjusting to his receivers, rather than the other way around. "Don't just make the block," Hecklinski reemphasized. "Make it so everybody says, 'Oh, Lordy. That guy laid into him.' It's a physical sport. It's a physical game. I would like these guys to be able to impact the game on the perimeter in such a way that people have to change how they play." Michigan, as a team, will dramatically change how it plays this autumn. Gone is Denard Robinson, along with his lightning-bolt dashes to the end zone. In his place, a different sort of electricity has taken over. Redshirt junior quarterback Devin Gardner stepped into the void, and the

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