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Nov. 27, 2021

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Page 4 of 55 NOV. 27, 2021 5 FAN FORUM BRING BACK THE TICKET LOTTERY In a recent Blue & Gold Illustrated is- sue the subject of lower attendance at Notre Dame home games was discussed with several potential reasons given. There is another factor that I, for one, believe has negatively impacted ticket sales for the less attractive home games in a significant way. For decades, contributing alums could apply in the Ticket Lottery for two tickets to each home game by a cer- tain deadline, typically in May. Results would be reported in July. The same was true for contributing members of the Monogram Club. And for those who wanted to sit together, they could send their ticket applications in the same envelope. I would do this with three or four other alums and Monogram Club members. For the big home games (USC, Michi- gan, Stanford, Michigan State, and the frequent annual one-and-done, rotat- ing matchups such as Oklahoma, Ne- braska, Miami, Texas, Tennessee, etc.), we all knew those games would sell out and we might not "hit" on those games in the Ticket Lottery, so we made cer- tain we would also apply for some of the less attractive games, especially if we sought several seats together. By doing so, if we applied for tickets for the top three games each year, we would usually hit on one or two of them but not all three, and we would still get tickets for some of the less attractive games to assure each of us would be able to get several tickets together for at least one game. As a result, we all had the op- portunity to go to at least one game and bring family and other friends with us to sit together. In addition, I would often offer two tickets to a home game for auctions at our Parish, Catholic High School or other worthy charitable organization and would typically select a less attrac- tive game to enhance my chances of getting tickets (it worked every time). The elimination of the Ticket Lottery system eliminated the need to apply for some of the less attractive games. Since the elimination of the Ticket Lottery system, we have been able to get tickets for every one of the "big" games when our turns for ticket selection arrived. No longer do we need to apply for tickets for the less attractive games in order to assure that we get tickets. While I do not think every alum or Monogram Club Member would fol- low this practice in the Ticket Lottery, I would expect enough would have done so that it could impact a few thousand tickets for every less attractive game. I, of course, anticipate that the change from the Ticket Lottery (and the seat lo- cation price changes) was made, in part, to increase annual giving to enhance one's ticket selection date, and I do not begrudge that expectation as the ratio- nale for doing so. But I also anticipate this change had an unintended negative consequence on the sale of tickets for the less attractive games. Just my two cents on this big $$$ issue. And, GO IRISH!! Roger Holzgrafe Via the internet BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007, Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: On Nov. 15 in his weekly Monday press conference, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly announced that All-American junior safety Kyle Hamilton was unlikely to play again during the 2021 regular season. It is also conceivable that he could end up missing the Fighting Irish's bowl game. Here is a sampling of what some Irish fans had to say on the topic on our mes - sage board at CharlestonIrish25: I think many had this pegged early on. It was a really bad sign how quickly he was ruled out for UNC. He'll only be back for a playoff game. And it's the right decision, once the injury was bigger than initially assumed. Hond: I'll be a life-long Kyle Hamilton fan no matter what he decides to do. tivs31: ND is doing this right, for Hamilton and the team. Hamilton doesn't have to stress out about answering questions, and ND is set - ting the kid up for success in the draft process. It's a win-win, and I wish the kid the best. If we make the CFP let's hope he decides to play, if not good luck Kyle. apegambino: Not surprising and I don't blame Hamilton one bit. If I'm in his shoes I'm staying healthy and getting top-10 NFL money not risking re-injury. He is an amazing player and would've been even more amazing if guys around him would've stepped up more in the secondary and allowed him to freelance more. Our secondary issues and lack of playmakers back there never allowed him to fully just ball out, but I think we will see that in the NFL with him. stepcn: As much as I hate to admit that we have seen Hamilton for the last time on the field for ND, I do not blame him one iota. I read that if he is indeed a top-5 pick, his initial contract would be for $34 mil - lion or more. Why jeopardize that for a game against 3-7 Georgia Tech and 3-7 Stanford? Hamilton's presence in either of those two games will likely not be the difference maker in winning or losing. I would assume if ND makes the CFP, he might reconsider playing. But that is likely the only scenario. I do not blame him … I would do the very same thing. FROM THE WEBSITE .com .com Junior safety Kyle Hamilton suffered a knee injury against USC Oct. 23 that now is expected to sideline him for at least the remainder of the regular season. PHOTO BY MIKE MILLER

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