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January 2022

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BY MATT CARTER hen Andy Andrews, a native of Raleigh, was in his senior year at Woodberry Forest (Va.) School, he was dead set on attending North Carolina. According to An- drews, he was probably even wearing light blue underwear back in those days. It was instilled in him by his par- ents, both big fans of the Tar Heels. He was also good enough to earn a scholarship to play tennis there. One problem arose, however. Long- time UNC head coach Don Skakle ap- proached Andrews the day he was sup- posed to sign his letter of intent with what Skakle claimed was "good news, bad news." Andrews is the son of former Air Force brigadier general Alex- ander Boyd Andrews III, and thus was practically trained to ask for the bad first. "I've changed my mind," Skakle replied. "I'm going to give your position to Tal Henry." Henry just happened to be Andrews' biggest rival from the state of North Caro- lina. Fighting through embarrassment and trying not to cry in front of Skakle, Andrews asked, "What in the world is the good news?" W W H E R E AR E T H E Y N O W ? After UNC dropped Andrews the day he was supposed to sign his letter of intent, he wound up at NC State and became the Wolfpack program's only three-time All-American. PHOTO COURTESY NC STATE ATHLETICS A CONVERTED A CONVERTED DIEHARD DIEHARD WOLFPACKER WOLFPACKER ANDY ANDREWS Tennis (1978-81) Age: 62 Living: Raleigh Occupation: Chairman/CEO of Dominion Realty Partners Did You Know? Andrews' father, a retired brigadier general in the Air Force, success- fully flew a crippled B-17 bomber during World War II after a German shell blew the nose off the plane, taking out two engines and injuring or killing three crew members. That inspired the best-selling novel and movie "The War Lover." ANDY ANDREWS Andy Andrews Went From UNC-Bound To NC State Tennis Legend JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022 ■ 45

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