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Nov. 25, 2023

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BLUEGOLDONLINE.COM NOV. 25, 2023 5 FAN FORUM TIME FOR TYLER TO CALL? After we annihilated Pitt, and listen- ing to "Tyler's" call to Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, I was confident that we were going to go into "Death Valley" to show Dabo and company that the Irish were for real. However, after watching Audric Es- timé drag players on his back, hurdle over them, and run right though them on the very first drive and only get three points, is when I knew this game was over for us. Hartman's performance was atrocious, the tackling was atrocious, and the play calling was atrocious. This loss to me was worse than the Ohio State loss. We are not a consistent program! How are we ever going to at- tract and maintain high quality talent. Another Christmas Eve bowl game to look forward to. Tyler, please contact Marcus this week. Thomas Attanasi BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters, Blue & Gold Illustrated, P. O. Box 2331, Durham, NC 27702 or e-mail to: Notre Dame's 31-23 loss at Clemson Nov. 4 put an end to its chances of playing in a New Year's Six bowl game. With that being the case, Fighting Irish fans discussed the juicy possibility of facing former head coach Brian Kelly and LSU in a lower-level bowl game. Here is some of the discussion that took place on our message board at Notre Dame1188: Would love to see a NY6 bowl win in my lifetime but will have to wait another year and now will have to be a playoff win!!!!! Playing and beating LSU would be a great consolation bowl game prize for this season!!!!! watsonjr89: We would get destroyed by LSU if [quarterback Jayden] Daniels is playing. True dual-threat QB. mgormal1: They would score 30 plus. I know their D isn't good but who are we scoring 30 on right now? We had like 5 chances to tie the game [at Clemson] and never even sniffed their side of the field. Bigjoe22: Would love to embarrass Kelly. Crash_Davis_8: I'm waving the white flag on this one for this year ... I'd love to embarrass Kelly, but this isn't the Notre Dame team that's gonna do that. Bigjoe22: We would score on their D and our D would be able to shut them down, especially with Daniels out. ND 34-30 with Daniels. ND 38-20 without Daniels. Moe38: Daniels would beat us by at least 14. Johnnyh: I would be shocked if he [Daniels] played in a bowl game. et1513: Zero chance Daniels would play so I would like our chances. jpm34_NDFI: What ND team would show up? We would most likely be missing players, too. EGIrish: This is a terrible matchup for us. If Daniels played, they probably score 50. Hard pass. Edd1066: I'd love to beat them, but I think they would destroy us. Van_irish: LSU = USC. Same crappy defense and not quite as good as USC offence … we win big. SBC Nation: Don't want to play LSU, and I'm sick of ND fans still comment- ing on every LSU football post like butt-hurt losers (fine if they aren't, but that's what it looks like). Give me a respected team that is a great matchup for us that I think we would own. Someone like Utah in the Holiday Bowl would be perfect. I think with a month and motivation LSU would improve on D and their offense is stellar. [LSU backup quarterback Garrett] Nussmeier would start at about 65% of D1 teams. Van_irish: To me, LSU is interesting as it would just be something to get up for and would be an exciting game like a USC. Add the fact we all would love to give it to BK, makes it more fun and our competitive juices as fans would be really up for it. Utah, would be a great football match, but do I care, not really except that it's the last game for 8 months before we all go to football purgatory. I'll watch any bowl game with ND, but what's on the table isn't much to get the juices, except maybe Ole Miss b/c of [head coach Lane] Kiffin, and I can't ever remember play- ing them. Jpirish58: I would take a matchup vs. LSU. It would be interesting, Daniels and Sam [Hartman] out, Alt out and others for ND. Gives Angeli/Minchey a chance to see a real defense; don't forget they open on the road at Texas A&M next year. JamesLawrence37: Would love this bowl game but wouldn't be excited to face Jayden Daniels. Not sure we have the offense to keep up even with LSU defense being awful. .com .com FROM THE WEBSITE The last time Notre Dame faced LSU in the postseason was 2017, when it notched a 21-17 win in the Citrus Bowl. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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