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BLUEGOLDONLINE.COM JANUARY 2024 7 FAN FORUM SUNNY SIDE I attended the 2010 Sun Bowl and it remains one of my favorite Notre Dame games. It was cold. We scraped ice and snow off our seats then watched Tommy Rees and Michael Floyd light up the fro- zen Miami Hurricanes. Harrison Smith had 3 interceptions. Theo Riddick ran a version of the wildcat formation that Notre Dame radio broadcaster Allen Pinkett called the "Leprecat." I wish we would try that again now. This year's Sun Bowl could also be memorable. Oregon State has beaten Notre Dame twice in bowls and these Beavers deserve a good spanking. Go Irish! James Michael Colleran '76 Las Vegas TWO REQUESTS I was born on Nov.12, 1947, and named after Terry Brennan. He and my father were coaching friends. My father even convinced Mr. Brennan to come and give the commencement speech one year at St. Mary School in Lansing, Mich. I could talk all day but will just say, I am one of ND's biggest fans, ever. Have had a special love of Notre Dame, since I watched Lindsey Nelson replay the game Sunday morning in the early 1950s. I am also a longtime subscriber of Blue & Gold Illustrated and have long wanted to ask for someone to produce the following two items. 1. A periodic review of the all-time standings, win/loss and winning per- centage for the top 25 programs in the country. There once was occasional info, comparing ND and Michigan as for a long time we and U M were the top two schools in wins and win percentage. We since have slipped and there is little or no mention of this any longer. 2. Produce a decent size fold-up foot- ball schedule insert each fall in a pre- season issue of the Blue & Gold Illus- trated. For decades I have yearned for a season football schedule poster to hang on my sportsman cave, and never seen or heard of one. Those two requests would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you can see that it will happen. Not as young anymore, I am anxiously waiting for this to be- come reality. Please leave a message in the next BGI, explaining your response to these two requests. Thank you and, as always, go Irish! Terry Doll Grand Ledge, Mich. Mr. Doll, thanks for your interest in our publication. No promises, but we'll take the second suggestion under con- sideration. Regarding your first request, we run the lists of the all-time wins and winning percentage leaders in our an- nual Blue & Gold Illustrated Football Preview that we do each summer. Here is an up-to-date look at the top five in both categories heading into the 2023-24 bowl season: DIVISION I/FBS ALL-TIME WINS LEADERS Rk. School Years W L T Change 1. Michigan 144 1,002 353 36 — 2. Alabama* 129 965 336 43 — 3. Ohio State* 134 964 332 53 Down 1 4 Texas 131 948 391 33 Up 1 5. Notre Dame* 134 947 338 42 Down 1 DIVISION I/FBS ALL-TIME WINNING PERCENTAGE LEADERS Rk. School Games Win% Record Change 1. Ohio State* 1,349 .73425 964-332-53 — 2. Alabama* 1,344 .73400 965-336-43 — 3. Michigan 1,391 .73329 1,002-353-36 — 4. Notre Dame* 1,327 .72946 947-338-42 — 5. Oklahoma 1,337 .72588 944-340-53 Up 1 * Ohio State had 12 victories from 2010 vacated; Alabama had eight victories and one tie forfeited from 1993, plus 21 victories vacated from 2005-07; and Notre Dame had 21 victories vacated from 2012 and 2013. BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters, Blue & Gold Illustrated, P. O. Box 2331, Durham, NC 27702 or e-mail to: Notre Dame received some great news Dec. 10, when graduate student defensive tackle Howard Cross III announced that he would be returning to the Fighting Irish in 2024 to use his sixth and final year of eligibility. Needless to say, Irish fans were pleased. Here is a sampling of what they had to say on's message board. Kcndmis97: Wow, big time! I was sure he was gone. NJNative140: Yes. I hope he makes some cash in the NIL market. He's earned it. Irishbud: Great recruiting win by Freeman! CoopDog01: Kid must love the college life. Would love to know if and how he got graded for the draft. He has had a fabulous career for the size he is. Kid is all heart. Will be an awesome leader in the clubhouse for this team next year. Tivs31: Honestly shocked, was thinking that he played his last game at Notre Dame. He would be a solid Day 2-3 [NFL Draft] pick. JoJoIndy: Smart move. He needs to bulk up more. Good business decision. He will make solid money in NIL. Maverick: Wow! Really surprised. His PFF score was second highest for DL, I thought he would be off to collect that NFL paycheck. BlueBlazer: Let's goooooo!!! Always been a fan of Cross. Coach Vic3: The way he plays reminds me of Chris Zorich! It's awesome that he's coming back! Huge boost for the ND defense! Go Irish DeeWhy: Howard — thought you were for sure heading to the NFL with the year you had but beyond thrilled to hear you're coming back. Not much more to prove. Put the C on your chest in '24 and add national champion to your résumé prior to the 8-10 years in the league. Slainte! FROM THE WEBSITE .com .com Graduate student defensive tackle Howard Cross III announced Dec. 10 that he will be returning to Notre Dame for the 2024 season. PHOTO BY CHAD WEAVER

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