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FAN FORUM SILENT CHEERS WERE GOLDEN I had the good fortune to attend Notre Dame during that outstanding 1973‑74 school year when we won foot‑ ball's national championship by defeat‑ ing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, broke UCLA's 88‑game win streak and had the Bob Hope Show filmed on campus. In addition to these great memories, I also recall a terrific cheer which we used to do during football and bas‑ ketball games — "The Silent Cheer." It consisted of the cheerleaders yelling, "Give me a SILENT," to which we in the stands responded "SILENT" (as loudly as possible). Then the cheer‑ leaders yelled, "Give me a CHEER," to which we responded "CHEER." Finally the cheerleaders yelled, "Give me a SILENT CHEER" — to which the entire stands would keep absolutely silent but wave both hands above their heads furiously. I always thought that this was one of the most creative and effective cheers I had ever seen. I wondered why it fell by the wayside and would like to cam‑ paign for its revival. Wayne LeSage Paoli, Pa. STAR SEARCHING I'm somewhat concerned with Coach Kelly's view of not going after top play‑ ers (five stars) who look to play three years and then go to the NFL. It's the nature of the beast now. Play‑ ers can always come back to get their degree, but have only limited time to make the money in the NFL. How about the coach who leaves after only three years and goes pro? That's okay? Wake up, Coach, and go after those five‑star, three‑and‑out players. You might win a championship, despite your finesse, non‑physical offense. John Schumarker Glens Falls, N.Y. Mr. Schumarker, that comment was more in the context of a player saying the only reason he's coming to Notre Dame is so he can turn pro in three years. If that's the main priority, then it probably won't be a good fit — because he might not care enough about academics to survive its rigors anyway. Kelly and his staff will al- ways attempt to land premier talents that qualify academically. Tight end Troy Niklas surprisingly turned pro after his junior year, but he provided high value to the Notre Dame team. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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