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February 2015

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FAN FORUM And almost every nationally promi- nent team we played during this pe- riod has soundly beaten us. I'm sorry but it's time to accept the fact that we can't have it both ways. I say we recruit players who truly pos- sess the academic record and strength of character we expect of every Notre Dame student, and stop playing the difficult football schedule we typically play. We should look to compete against schools that have similar values as ours. There is no reason we can't schedule Stanford, Northwestern, and Rice every year, along with the mili- tary academies and a few others we all can name. Semper Fi, Go Irish! Daniel McLaughlin, '80 Honolulu FROM THE WEBSITE During a New England Patriots pregame show this December, Albert Breer of the NFL Network spoke about various NFL jobs that would be coming open and indicated that Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly "wants out of Notre Dame." That prompted plenty of response on Here's a small sample: IrishMarley: He realized it this year. They won't let him win here and he knows it. Was afraid of this as Kelly is the best we'll ever get. ND2011NF: Hard to win anywhere when you mismanage QBs and you are too stubborn to let the real offensive coordinators call the plays. TO447918: Scary thing is if (when) Kelly leaves, I have zero faith in our administration making a good hire. Wjasonp: Neither do I. I've been screaming this to all the people who want him gone. NDFAN: Kelly would not be smart to leave this year. He has 19 starters returning, talented redshirts plus a very good frosh class coming. This is the payoff for his hard work to see big dividends. ShelbyIrish: True — which supports the notion that 2015 is do or die for him. Rockneera: I watched the NFL Network and Kelly's name wasn't even brought up. Front-runners for jobs are Jim Mora and Gus Malzahn. Duquesne Duke: I only hope the hubris by the administration so prevalent during the tenures of Ty/ Charlie have continued to diminish. They hired a very well qualified coach in Kelly, made some great changes like training table, but need to take the next step — admitting 3 to 5 "prop 48" guys, hell-raisers who ride up on a Harley with a few well-placed tats and needing a shave. … Lou Holtz and AD Dick Rosen- thal knew what it took. Hemy: Do you really think Burt Breer has even talked to Kelly man-to-man. Answer: no. So, how in the hell does he "know" that Kelly "wants out at Notre Dame." Answer: he doesn't. One fan thinks the Irish should schedule more games against schools with similar academic requirements and values, such as Rice, Stanford and Northwestern. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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