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FAN FORUM GIVING THANKS For the past few years, Fan Fo- rum has featured a number of com- munications critical of Brian Kelly: his game management is poor; his play calling is awful; his sideline de- meanor is terrible; he doesn't have the charisma of Ara Parseghian or Lou Holtz, etc. In less than six seasons, he will soon be the fifth-winningest football coach at Notre Dame. His team played for the national title in his third year. This year 's team keeps winning in spite of the loss of seven starters since the beginning of the season. The depth of talent he has recruited is on weekly display as freshmen and redshirt sophomores step up to replace the injured starters. Thus, one can't help but smile and wonder where those critics have been over the past 20 years? After Lou left, we wandered in the wilder- ness for 15 years, lost our credibility as a football power, and witnessed a parade of phony, lazy and arrogant head coaches. As a Notre Dame football fan for over 65 years (my father was a Notre Dame graduate and I listened on the radio with him most fall Saturdays), and a student during the Terry Bren- nan and Joe Kuharich years, I am so pleased with Brian Kelly's per- formance as the head coach, I find it hard to read the critics without wondering what planet they live on? Urban Meyer and Nick Saban BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007 Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: FROM THE WEBSITE During the bye week and with Notre Dame back in College Football Playoff contention, various media outlets have speculated that Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly could be a candidate again for some NFL jobs, most notably the New York Giants … and maybe even at USC, against whom he is 4-2. This elicited dozens of wide-ranging emotions on, among them: Jtefel1: To the NFL I can see it. To USC? Laughing out loud. Thomasna: Where do these guys get this crap from? No citing of sources or any indication of insider information yet they talk like they know this to be true. Journalistic integrity, accuracy, and ethics are a thing of the past. Chamgel: I've believed all season that there was a high likelihood this would be Kelly's last year here, but he will not leave for another college job. If/when he leaves, it will be for the NFL. TheDude1: Why would anyone ever move from South Bend to Los Angeles? Why would you move somewhere that has all the recruits you need within 50 miles? Why would you go to a school where you can bring in just about any player you want academically? I agree, that's crazy talk. Slothden: The struggles that Bill O'Brien and Chip Kelly are having could really help us here. GMs may be hesitant to hire college coaches after them.

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