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have to play one play at a time. I know it sounds like coachspeak, but all we can do is take care of what's in front of us and that's Wake Forest. The rest is out of our hands. "We can't control anything else but how we play against Wake For- est, and they get that — they truly do. We'll really focus this week on our preparation on Wake Forest. They've had a week off. They're self- scouting us, and we'll have to do a good job against them this week." On playing junior wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr. at nickel back: "We couldn't trade for a nickel. He just has the physical skills that trans- lated him to be able to play on de- fense. "[Fifth-year senior] Amir [Carl- isle] is still going to get some snaps, so we felt like it was a batch of maybe 15, 20 snaps that we could put aside if we needed him as a nickel — and we didn't need him a ton today. We've been cross-training for about three weeks now and feel like he's ready to step in and help us when we need him." Junior wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr. … On getting reps at nickel back: "I played cornerback in high school, so I had a feel for it a little bit. It's not completely new. "They're just going to keep work- ing with me and try to develop me." Freshman running back Josh Ad- ams … On if he's surprised with his suc- cess as a rookie: "I just thank God for the run I've been on. I have a great team behind me; our offensive line is incredible. "They make it easy on me, so I just have to go in there and do my job. They're really fighting in the trenches for me, and I have to do the best I can." Pittsburgh head coach Pat Nar- duzzi … On if safeties were supposed to help on Fuller's touchdown recep- tions: "We'll have to go back and look at the tape, but it's hard to tell. We just lost our leverage … you give him an easy post. I don't know what the split looked like in all those things, but he's a good foot- ball player. "They've got some monsters out there. The tailback was good — both of them — the quarterback was a great player, and you've got Will Fuller out there, so pick your poi- son." Pittsburgh freshman safety Jor- dan Whitehead … On Fuller: "He's good. I didn't really get to line up against him, but watching him on our corners, he has a lot of good speed. He's very good. "[His touchdowns] were one-on- one. Our corners were in good posi- tion, especially the second one he scored on — it was an equal ball I think. It was good defense and obvi- ously a good reception." — Jordan Wells

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