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Sept. 19, 2016

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Page 12 of 55 SEPT. 19, 2016 13 UNDER THE DOME The University of Notre Dame ® Fine Jewelry Collection Our new website: Toll-free: 1-866-333-3715 950 N.E. Loop 410 San Antonio, Texas 78209 Phone (210) 930-3900 Fax (210) 930-3903 Alamo City Gold & Silver by: Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange THEY SAID IT "[DeShone] Kizer doesn't just have the potential to steal the "quarterback No. 2" spot from the likes of Miami's Brad Kaaya, but to supplant Clemson's Wat - son as the prize of the 2017 draft." Justis Mosqueda, Bleacher Report "Kizer must start and be the full- time quarterback. Heck, if his perfor- mance in Austin is any indication, his name could be more popular than even Kaaya's come draft time. Malik Zaire is very good — he and Kizer re- ally did look neck and neck in camp, at least in front of reporters — but the lefty is virtually useless on a part-time basis. And, as it turned out Sunday, the Irish can't afford wasted snaps on offense." — Matt Fortuna, ESPN "The Irish found their quarterback in DeShone Kizer, they have a strong offensive line that will get stronger [even if it looked bad at times] and some great running backs. If the wideouts can continue to improve and the defense, especially the secondary and linebackers, can keep them in games, the offensive production might overwhelm some teams. Kizer looks a lot like a guy who can carry a team on his back in games." — Rivals recruiting director Mike Farrell on why Notre Dame shouldn't be counted out the rest of the season "Brian Kelly made a whole lot of bad decisions that contributed to Notre Dame's thrilling but heart- breaking double-overtime loss to Texas on Sunday. But once he settled on DeShone Kizer at quarter- back, the sophomore showed the stuff of a potential Heisman candidate. That's the good news. The bad news is Texas gained 500-plus yards on the Irish's inexperienced defense." — Stewart Mandel, "Before the game began, it appeared the guy following Longhorn mascot Bevo with a shovel had the worst job in the stadium. By halftime, it seemed more like that honor belonged to Brian VanGorder. Notre Dame's defensive coordinator needed more than a shovel to clean up the problems the Irish had." — Al Lesar, The South Bend Tribune "The love I have for my brothers has never wavered and will never waver regardless of the poor decisions I have made and will make. No desire or want is ever worth possibly sacrificing the incredible opportunities at Notre Dame on and off the field, in and outside the classroom. I will continue to learn from my mistakes and vow to never be defined by the few mistakes I have made in my life." — Max Redfield on a Sept. 4 Instagram post "I am not a Michigan fan. I could care less. Just because you live somewhere does not make you a fan. I will say there is no hiding that I have great passion and support for Syracuse. But I have broadcast 60 Syracuse games over the years, football and basketball, and I would let anyone watch every second of it and try to detect one bit of bias. At this point in our lives, we can separate the two." — Mike Tirico, a Michigan native and Syracuse graduate who will serve as the play-by-play announcer for NBC's first three Notre Dame telecasts this fall (The Chicago Tribune) OF THE WEEK "The great became who they were only after they had been knocked down … Time to get back up." Notre Dame linebacker Nyles Morgan (@Obey_Pride) following the Texas loss PHOTO BY ANDREW IVINS

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