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Oct. 3, 2016

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Page 12 of 55 OCT. 3, 2016 13 UNDER THE DOME THEY SAID IT "As far as the of‑ fense goes, we just have to be more con‑ sistent and practice harder and practice with an attention to detail and make sure all of our I's are dot‑ ted and T's are crossed come Saturday." Irish senior wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr. "If it was in your office, they'd probably see your interactions with your employees on a day-to-day basis, too. It just is what it is. "If we were up 55-0, we'd probably have no interaction conversations, but there's going to be conversations on the sideline because it's on national TV. "I have great respect for all my coaches. They have respect for me. We have a chain of command. If I don't like something, I'm going to make my opinions known. It's just business as usual. It's not personal. It's about getting it right, and, again, it's my office. "I think, if you have a camera in your of- fice, there will be those moments that we all have that people would ask what was going on." — Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly on interactions with staff caught on television during Michigan State game "It was a really special moment, something that I've been waiting for my whole life. It was especially cool for my family." — Former Irish baseball player Trey Mancini (2011‑13) on his first major league hit being a home run ( "Obviously we didn't start the season ex- actly how we had imagined, but a lot of guys on the team, it's not like we're like a lot of other teams in the country where after you lose a game or two, you just continue to go downhill. "A lot of guys have high character and want to win no matter what. You don't have to re- ally say much to them. Just have them to con- tinue to compete, and remember that we're representing the university and our families." — Irish senior linebacker James Onwualu OF THE WEEK "No matter what people say I know the fire that we carry in our hearts.! #DBoyz" Irish linebacker Nyles Morgan (@Obey_Pride) following loss to Michigan State FALL CALLS FOR FLEECE ® PURCELL PAVILION LEEP VARSITY SHOP

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