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TRACKING THE PACK QUOTING THE PACK "He has an incredible mind. He is as intelligent a person as you're going to find, and what's apparent is how well respected he is in the coaching community. Every coach I talked to said it would absolutely be a home run if I hired Bobby. They weren't wrong." ■ Iowa State head coach and former NBA player Fred Hoiberg on NC State assistant coach Bobby Lutz, who worked last year with the Cyclones (The News & Observer) "There's nothing I really can't do, it's just a different level sometimes, whether it's playing basketball with the girls or at [football] practice. I get up every morning and thank God I have a chance to go to work. I'm gonna do the best I can no matter what happens." — NC State tight ends coach Don Horton on battling Parkinson's since 2007 (ACC Sports Journal) "We have to accept the fact that if you want to play on the greatest show on earth, then you have to toughen up and man up pal. There is no other way to look at it. Teams that get to play in March are mentally tough enough to withstand most things and fight their way through it. The question is, we aren't there, but we are getting there." — NC State men's basketball coach Mark Gottfried on what is needed to win tough games and reach the NCAA Tournament (The Wolfpacker) "A McDonald's All-American selection, Lewis has been magnificent as a senior. He's a bit stronger, keeps coming at you and has managed to keep a talented group of scorers on the same page while leading the War- riors to an undefeated record. North Carolina State fans will love the homegrown product." — on putting NC State point guard signee Tyler Lewis of Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy at No. 8 on its list of seniors expected to rise up in the rankings "The more it's discussed, the more it both- ers me. If you get pulled over by the police, the officer will tell you the reason. We got thrown out of the game — at least tell us why. We did absolutely nothing. We were on [Karl] Hess and the other officials for six or seven calls, no different than what I've done the last 20 years in going to games as a fan." — Former NC State star point guard Chris Corchiani on getting ejected, along with Tom Gugliotta, during the Florida State at NC State game Feb. 18 at the RBC Center ( "I'm very upset about it. Some people may look at it as it giving us an advantage because we get to play weaker competition, got ejected his first year at Duke. He kicked a gallon of dirt on the umpire's pants and yelled at him. I also saw Coach Avent get ejected a year later by that same umpire while exchanging lineup cards." Winkworth's parents both worked at NC State, and he graduated from the school with a degree in English and communications. His first dream was to be a baseball broadcaster, which he did for three years at the student station. He decided that becoming a writer suited him better, and he covered the NCSU baseball team for the student paper, Techni- cian, and later for publications such as The Wolfpacker in the early 1980s. Winkworth shifted to trying to earn a spot but I think to be the best you have to beat the best. Back in the day when NC State was strong, with Jimmy V. [Valvano], they were playing and beating Carolina. I think [NCSU men's basketball coach] Mark Gottfried said the same thing; you want to play Carolina, you want to beat them. Now we don't have as many opportunities to do that." — NC State sophomore student Andrew Snyder on the Wolfpack playing North Carolina only once a years at times in the future due to conference realignment (Technician) in the NC State sports information depart- ment and interned in 1992, when the Wolf- pack baseball team won the ACC title. Winkworth was permanently hired for the 1996-97 school year. "My relationship with the NC State baseball program goes back to 1981, so this will be my 32nd year of covering NC State baseball in some capacity," Winkworth said. Winkworth remembers celebrating on Hillsborough Street in "When dealing with coaches, you always show them an appreciation for what they do, what their athletes do, and show respect for that. If you do that, they will bend over backwards to help you." ■ Bruce Winkworth Raleigh when the 1974 NC State basketball team defeated UCLA and eventually won the national title. He was also in Albuquerque, N.M., when the 1983 squad did the same. Watching football players Philip Rivers and Torry Holt play for NC State was also special, and Winkworth got to watch Russell Wilson play both foot- ball and baseball at NCSU. When the NC State baseball team had flights for various road games, the seating was alphabetical, so Winkworth got to know Wilson pretty well. "I spent a good amount of time with Rus- sell and got to learn how special he is," Wink- worth said. "That is a relationship I'll always remember." Winkworth will also always cherish watch- ing players enter NC State as young men and grow up over the years. "That is always gratifying," Winkworth said. "They come to school to play baseball, but the ones that have their heads on their shoulders pretty square, take care of their education too. They know that baseball will only carry them so far." — Jacey Zembal MARCH 2012 ■ 17 PHOTO BY KEN MARTIN

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