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An Unparalleled Piece Of History "Running With The Pack" DVD Offers A Comprehensive Look At NCSU Basketball Tor Ramsey (shown above standing behind the bench, in coat and tie) was an NC State team manager under head coach Jim Valvano, and he has now directed a film about the history of NC State basketball called "Running With The Pack," which former point guard Chris Corchinai (shown above at right, partially obscured by the video camera) helped produce. photo courtesy tor ramsey D By Matt Carter uring Sidney's Lowe final year as head basketball coach at NC State, he hosted a group of former players, coaches and managers for a brunch reunion. The distinguished guests were greeted with a six-minute scoreboard video directed by former NCSU team manager turned filmmaker Tor Ramsey. Later during the event, Ramsey's 20-minute film would dazzle the crowd. Former NC State point guard Chris Corchiani knew Ramsey was showing a piece of a much larger project, but he still was not prepared to watch what he saw. "I saw a look on a lot of the ex-players' faces of the old video," Corchiani recalled. "There was a sense of pride beaming down on all the ex-players' faces. "I realized this was something special." A Project 20 Years In The Making The video Corchiani and others saw that afternoon was only a small snippet of what would be a three-hour film directed by Ramsey on the history of NC State basketball, a DVD called "Running With The Pack." Ramsey came up with the idea to do such a film in 1992 as an admitted heartbroken NC State fan over the sudden struggles of its proud basketball program. He brought the idea to the attention of some in the Wolfpack Club, but was told: "It would take an act of Congress to do that." The Shelby, N.C., native, who grew up in a devoted NC State household as the son of a father who refused to utter the words "Chapel Hill," moved out to Los Angeles to continue his film- 42  ■  the wolfpacker 42,44.Corchiani Book.indd 42 12/11/12 1:24 PM

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