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6 JUNE/JULY 2018 BLUE & GOLD ILLUSTRATED FAN FORUM UNFORGETTABLE I did not attend Notre Dame. I have never been to South Bend, Indiana. I haven't seen a Fighting Irish game of any type in person. But, in 1966, a young priest who went to Notre Dame came to our parish in Cut Bank, Montana, and extolled the virtues of the school. Consequently, I have been an Irish fan since I was 8 years old. I have celebrated the victories and suffered the defeats along with all the Irish faithful. I must say the Notre Dame Fight- ing Irish women's basketball team's victory in the NCAA championship game was one of the most thrilling and inspiring events I have wit- nessed in my 51 years of fandom. The grit, perseverance, fortitude and just downright toughness displayed by these women to forge on through countless setbacks is a testament to the program and Coach McGraw's stalwart leadership. I understand why Arike was hailed as the hero, and what a clutch perfor- mance. But all of the team — Marina, Jessica, Kathryn, Jackie, et al — con- tributed immensely to the teamwork and camaraderie that enabled this campaign's ultimate goal to come to fruition. Congratulations, ladies! You all are an inspiration and a source of great pride for the fans and the school, not to mention all of collegiate athletics, regardless of sport or gender. Thank you. Michael A. Ready Great Falls, Mont. VICTORY MARCH UPDATE Notre Dame has been coed for 46 years, yet "The Victory March" tells only the tale of her "loyal sons … marching onward to victory." For four and a half decades, the women of Notre Dame have amply demonstrated the Fighting Irish spirit in spectacular style: not only athleti- cally, but also academically and in the world at large. As the proud fa- ther of five Notre Dame graduates, three sons and two daughters — Eric R. Welch, '96; Christopher J. Welch, '00, '06; Colin A. Welch, '02; Maria N. (Welch) Nolan, '05; and Theresa K. (Welch) Golbeck, '08 — I believe it is high time to acknowledge their ac- complishments. No change in meter or rhythm is necessary: "While her loyal sons and daughters March on to victory!" Let's include ALL of our great victors! Joseph D. Welch Hannibal, Mo. Mr. Welch, congratulations on such an extraordinary feat of raising five Notre Dame graduates! Your proposal makes sense — especially because it is the school of Our Lady. Where a change in meter or rhythm to the words/music might be more challeng- ing is in the opening line of, "Rally sons of Notre Dame." ON 'VACATION' In regard to Notre Dame having to vacate the 21 victories of 2012 (12) and 2013 (nine), Brian Kelly said, "We still beat all of those teams." He's right. The effects of those wins remain. Take away Michigan State's loss to the Irish in 2013 and the Spartans would have been un- defeated and in the championship game against Florida State (instead of once-beaten Auburn). And in 2012 Notre Dame's perfect regular season deprived the team that would have been Alabama's op- ponent in the title game a shot at the Crimson Tide. So in order to undo those Irish wins, for example, the 2013 cham- pionship game would have to be re- played, with Michigan State facing Florida State. You say that's impossible to get the teams back together to play that game. Well, a girl who is a cheer- leader for a nearby high school on Friday and a nearby college team on Saturday said that you don't have to get the teams back together to play that game. All that has to be done is have coaches Mark Dantonio of MSU and Jimbo Fisher of FSU sit back at a table with the referee and play a video game. If Fisher wins, his team gets to keep the trophy. If Dantonio wins, then Fisher must hand the trophy over to the Spartans. Joe O'Donnell Clinton, Iowa FRANKLY SPEAKING ON CARIDEO It has bugged me for years that our Notre Dame Game Day program persists in printing an error. On page 45 of your February issue — which I BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Blue & Gold Illustrated / Letters P. O. Box 1007, Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: The women's basketball program's amazing run to the 2018 national title continues to be celebrated as an inspiration to many Notre Dame followers. PHOTO BY MIKE BENNETT

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