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������ from our readers tion. The Wistert brothers had their number 11 retired. No one wears 98 and 48 in memory of Heisman winner Tom Harmon and former President Gerald Ford, respectively. Multi-sport standout Ron Kramer was the most recent Wolverine star to have his number, 87, suspended from use. One can understand why Wolverine football has not retired anyone���s number recently. With a tradition of excellence as rich as Michigan���s, if every player who performed as well as Desmond, Charles Woodson and Tom Brady were celebrated in that way, the current team might have to have four to five players using each number. What a headache for everyone! Each Wolverine player strives to perform to meet the standard of expectations for his position. Here is a hastily thought out idea that could become a tradition unique to Michigan. The best pass receiver on the team would regularly be offered number 1 in honor of Anthony Carter, Braylon Edwards, Derrick Alexander, Greg McMurtry, and the others who wore that number. Woodson���s number 2 would be offered to the team���s best defensive back. Give Desmond his due by having his number 21 worn by our most productive kick returner. Other positions could follow suit if this practice catches on. Recipients of these special numbers would have the option of declining the opportunity. I humbly submit this idea, hoping that it might be altered, expandedupon, and become the start of something good. Hoke springs eternal in the Wolverine fan���s chest. Lou Hoekstra Kalamazoo, Mich. Lou, you were on the right track. David Brandon���s plan to honor the U-M greats with jersey patches while keeping the numbers in play satisfied Howard and seems a very workable ongoing solution. We���d rather see the numbers go back onto the field, including No. 47 (Bennie Oosterbaan���s), the only presently retired number you left off your list. Patience, Please Dear The Wolverine: I am writing to urge Michigan fans everywhere to be patient. I am thrilled with the future of the program. In a letter to The Wolverine after Brady Hoke was appointed, I wrote that the key was recruiting. Michigan needed to dominate the state and get more than leftovers from Ohio. Illinois was another key state. Many months later, Hoke and company are poised to put together at worst a top-five class following this very formula. As exciting as the future looks, it will be most likely 2013 before Michigan has a roster with the depth and talent to be a BCS contender. The start is fine, but don���t be shocked if Michigan struggles against the Big Ten powers. This staff can really coach, but Michigan has holes on the roster that will take a couple of recruiting classes to correct. They have pedestrian talent at wide receiver and running back. On defense, they are likely to be pushed around up front, and the corners will continue to be picked on. Only a healthy Troy Woolfolk has the necessary speed until Blake Countess develops. Eight wins this year would be fine. Next year they will have more talent and depth. Unfortunately, they face the schedule from hell! They will be a better team, but it may not show in the win/loss column. We fans need to understand this and be patient. If the staff can add Dan O���Brien (a must get), two standout wide receivers (I am hoping for Amara Darboh and either Darius Powe or Monty Madaris) and another offensive lineman in this class, look out! I am hoping that running backs coach Fred Jackson is finally right about Thomas Rawls and Justice Hayes. Fred is no doubt the crowned prince of hyperbole. Keep up the great work at The Wolverine! I close with two observations: Michigan had Harlan (H���Bomb) Huckleby and ND has Brian (F���Bomb) Kelly. Also doesn���t Mark Dantonio always look like someone just peed on his oatmeal! Kevin G. Smith Orange, Calif. The talent is indeed making travel plans for Ann Arbor, Kevin G. And for what it���s worth, you should go easy on old Fred. He was on the mark with Tyrone Wheatley, Tshimanga Biakabutuka, A-Train, Chris Perry, Mike Hart and others, even if he tends to look on the sunny side. Growing Dedication Dear The Wolverine: A number of years ago I took my son and a number of his 13- and 14-year-old friends to the spring game. Those were the days when youngsters (and many adults) would storm the field after the spring game in search of autographs. It was also the time when the turf would tear up in chunks. The weather had been dry and, true to form, the turf had divots everywhere. As I walked the field waiting for my young charges to conclude their autograph hunting, I noticed at my feet a piece of torn-up grass. On a whim, I slipped it into my pocket. Later, I gave it some water from the melted ice in the cooler. When we arrived home I planted it at the base of my flagpole in the front yard. It was diligently watered, and survived nicely. Every football Saturday since, my Michigan flag has flown over Michigan Stadium grass. For years I could tell exactly where it was but it has slowly blended in and is now difficult to tell from the surrounding yard. I like to think that this is because it has slowly taken over my yard, the county, and possibly the state. Can world domination be far away? In October, my son will head for Fort Benning, Ga., as a member of the United States Army. On Oct.�� 1, he and I will be at the Minnesota game in section 37 to cheer on our Wolverines. This may be the last game for a while that we will attend together. He and I have a lot of great memories from The Big House, and we���ll be back as soon as we can. Roger Shaffer Frontier, Mich. Best wishes to your son, Roger. Enjoy the Big Ten opener ��� but leave the FieldTurf. ������ Be Heard! Send your letters to: Wolverine Letters ��� P.O. Box 1304 ��� Ann Arbor, MI 48106 Or e-mail: Letters may be edited for clarity or length. October 2011��� ������ the wolverine��� 11

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