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Follow Michigan Football In The Wolverine Now, The Twice-Weekly E-Newsletter For Subscribers To The Wolverine ��� Game Report Packages on Sundays ��� Updated Scouting Reports on Wednesdays ��� Quotes From Press Conferences ��� Football Notes ��� Cumulative Statistics ��� Columns, Recruiting Updates, and Much More! ��� Can be viewed on your computer or iPad, or printed out to read later. HOW TO ACCESS THE WOLvErINE NOW Go to On the right side of the page is the login area. Your user name is your account number, which is above your name on your mailing label for The Wolverine. Your password is your last name in all lower case. For Victors Club members who receive The Wolverine, your user name is your Victors Club account number preceded by V (for example if your Victors Club account no. is 38457 you would enter V38457 as your user name). Your password is also your last name in lower case. What is the Wolverine noW? This online publication is INCLUDED with your subscription to The Wolverine! The Wolverine Now is posted on on Sundays (game reports) and Wednesdays (game previews) throughout the football season to deliver you time-sensitive information in a timely manner! cOm Statistics with a demonUAl stAtIstICs theWOlVerIne. ball to MiDefensive Individual Sac PD Boubacar Cissoko plays ff fR a 33-yard jump mIChIGAN INDIvIDStatistics the opponent Tot Tfl cornerback Clausen threw Dame offense �����Sophomore 0-0 0 0 a0good play, he lets Defense Tac Ast out of this makes Offensive Individual Avg Wolverine weigh in lg get the Notre Allen stepped d by big plays When Bou6 7 13 1-4 0-0he 0 0 0 chael Floyd to Net The TD expectations Mouton strative flair. 24 ore cornerback also been victimize Indiana receivers ning back Armando How have your The lost of 9.2 Rushing No Gain writers take on 2 87 ��� Sophomce 80,795 NOtRe DAme U-M football. 6 4 10 0-0 but he has 0 0 coach Rich this fall? out of a hole.atteNDaN 0 258 0 Kovacs know about it, 0-0 will match up with three NOtre Dame, IND. never found the ball. defense. Head 28 258 with their 2.4 0 6 mIChIGAN 28, bounds. for Michigan changed the prospect ��� 28 Dame StaDIum, 4 On 7 0-0 change his Robinson 17 Cissoko �����Third-quarter 0 0 Saturday he 7 Gordon fall. 3 5 0-0 ,0-0 0 each will be salivating over e 7 17 0 1 more win 5 Sept. 11, 2010 ��� NOtre Michigan didn���t Junior 0bacar 0 Mathews misread Smith 0 3 2 taller, and ��� 24 young Wolverin 12 2.4 No. 59 in the NCAA . 7 Rodriguez said 15% Floyd 3. Senior7 Greg uarter inter- Shaw pLays 5 ���12 0 standing 6-3 or 1-11 0 0 It���s time for the after halftime 1 nce 10 Michigan finished 1 to a fourth-q 4 1 5 2-12 0-0 0 0 three Best 14 1 1.0 ago, averagMichigan much on defense said they played more This game Gordon of picking on the 5-8 Cissoko. 0 with a shutdown performa 0 1 route, leading 7 ack Tate0Forcier���s U-M ND the Hopkins 1 in rushing offense a year 87 turned into play 2 4 1-3 back up his talk and the offense. Dame 2 be Given the 7.0 3 2 more wins after all, will 0 0 0 Ezeh NotreFreshman quarterb touchdown pass �����Tate Forcier safety Troy Woolfolk the cornerbacks. What1. Dame ception that Notre n. He atoned23 U-M���s 22 on 288 0 288 performance, to prove he can 0-0 t one player can 37% 41 ing 147.58 yards per game. with 1 1 2 0-0 U-M NDset four-yard Total experisecondary in adversar y. His 0 0 0 d afBanks press coverage shows how importan if the player is a talwas 9 8 game-winning Total first Downs go-ahead touchdow Yds TD lg Rodriguez���s teams against 2 worthy0-0 1 or failure of the Michigan y 1 1 a 0-0 0-0 the defense responde Greg Mathews 0 0 Comp % int play. Furrha Attsuccess Rich State and Ohio allowing ever the reason, Rushing 31 Virginia, to a team, especiall The line is better and 13 12 fiRST Passing to senior receiver QUARTeR third-and-four 2 0-0the success 0 final offensive the ball1at West 3 more wins State, Iowa, Penn 0 2 role in first-half yards, ack. plays; a 1 long enced running 244 24 60.0 0 Herron a vital 2 0-0 0-0 Michigan 0 15% Passing nding 0 3 penalty ter giving up 302 31 ented quarterb ore Marup by two great Run by sophom0 Robinson 40 numbers weren���t Rogers future weeks against 1 0 0 Crist 1-Yard 1 1 7 a better understa the help of a holding They sorts of 244 1 ND n, 24 60.0 0 Penalty rs 41 32 a low pass ��� Michael Spath 1-6 0-0 40 those only 27 (with the the receivers have the 2009 campaig grab of (Ruffer Kick) 11:19 yards and a 17matters if Total 1 1 the NumBe State. 2 By Attempts in the third quarter. 1 0 0 Roh but none of it three weeks of 179 for eight 3:41 4 more wins XXXXXXXXXX 288Notre Dame 71 Yds TD 2 0-0 0-0 on a 76-yard gain) of the offense, of plays for Michigan Stadium. After Ydsy rushinglg football, at 270.7 Forcier���s inthe tavious Odoms Playsbullet from Forcier to Rushing anging fumble 2% Drive: 13 No Rushing Van Bergen 0 2 1 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 a key game-ch 0 25 run- Receiving 3 nationall center can���t play. and Yards GainedThe number after tougher, 31 ed heading into blitz, 0 up also forced quarter Wolverin are No. man under 91 ion is about to get yard scramble 0 0 and when to 7 r Stevie Brown���s Demens 0 1 1 0-0 0-0 0and Indiana are undefeat Savoy that set tly lost Rushing the third 288the154up 302 es ran in when to run Odoms Pass ground has 1 31 his senior LaTerryal From Robinson proven significan 0 While both Michigan0 0 0 with senior linebacke two Yards Over U-m and picking per contest. Yes, the8competit 1 nate sense of 5 more wins fifth-yearRoundtree 31-yardeither of those 7 score. 82 Jones ��� move it on the ability to keep 0-0 381 Wolverines have U-M 7 Net Yards Rushing first half 244yards 15% Roundtree U-M���s ability to 0 ning 37 in the up U-M���s go-ahead nd game. It along with his 08:06 1990, First Win 0 1 1 0-0 opener, the0 0 squad, and winning decisively goal. Without him ce 0-0 0 16 setting throw, to settle Net Yards Passing g, make Leach first-andsince (Gibbons Kick) 33 44 the conferen all-arou 40but it���s pretty obvious 4 while scramblin might have had 0:06 yards.Attempted 0 1 0 1 0-0 a good Notre Dame ce opponents. By contrast, In- 4-0 start of posses- Stonum but his ��� John Borton ��� Brandon Minor���s programs in college 12 eyes downfield Martin d for 310 of plays, MichiganPlay 31 Yds attempt. 0 Drive: 1 Passes more, defeating 0-0 0 0 0 Michigan���s time 21 the same. 24done 28 IU seeks First They haven���t great senior���s 106 yards, final 3 margins 0 1 1 0-0 0-0 0 Conferen playing one of the ng field goal talent. He accounte longest drive. Shaw the wasn���t just the Moundros against both Mid-American 0 against Akron, with narrow 13% excited and ready. a special on 7 are for a game-tyi Passes Completed sion on its 0 3 0 ded, 40-yard 7 long n, especially you 1 1 0 1 0-0 yards. or less. Grady football. Our guys By Michael Spath Mathews��� one-han Stonum diana���s only0-0 0-0 win came 0 and Western Michigan. As decisive 0 0 pass protectio the Michigan���s 430 Had Intercepted ns lasted 2:06 2. 3 through three games,team Hopkins 1-Yard Run 60.0% 47.7% his body to protect between Indiana 0 1 1 U-M Senior Notre Dame cornerback in7 14 3 should Kentucky ���When you get 1 Seven of 12 possessio ge of passes Tate Smith Williams 0 victory versus Eastern 1. 8.7 Kick) 01:26 drive. Minor sacrificed n 59 ly, they meetings never met this 432 votes excessiveprevious Floyd picking up Percent Completion over a mo6.1 a team is ��� each grab (Gibbons 31 of Kovacs 1, Mouton 1, the ball over 1 outstanding two foes The percenta ns: Michigan needed 1:40 get a feel for what ty and chemistry, and 24 244 best interceptioas the Wolverines do not turn unYards Per Attempt completed on Michigan���s Total Forcier and was and Michigan, the 10.2 18.1 Drive: 5 Plays first quarter gave 65 Ydshad been held in offense is at its away in this game. Matt Pargoff both were still Forcier while one has its own personali showing itself. Our Yards Per Completion the 81 76 . U-M���s offense Punt Blocks: None. much trouble pulling blitzers. The Michigan -12 Yds TD lg late in��� season IU boasting drive ��� and the No mentum starts not have third-and Plays field. Kick Ret has prepared for by this point, it 30 point, but the final, 57-yard scoring 532 535 Kick Blocks: None. 0 when he���s on the SeCOND QUARTeR second pos- Total Offensive was a tipped ball that could defeated. U-M for Big often, most recently 101 check to that see where we are.��� 4 Stonum kids are ready to hed record 30 Run 6.6 7.0 Total Net Yards Indiana will the Wolverines��� he missed 0 an to compete 101 Robinson to big gainer on 87-Yard wn and 21 it 7 got roll4 back and ready unblemis the Wolverines were a perfect Vs. Notre DameAnn Arbor, U-M WOrk Avg. Gain Per Play Total After traveling 1-0 0-0 a touchdo Wolverines are have been caught. and will then Michigan winning in 2006 when What DiDN���t (Gibbons session led to Kick) 01:51 ��� Now that the home to host fumbles: No-lost to head Ohio State Bloomington, but 8-99 4-29 Dame max-pro 1:56 one of two road Punt Returns: None 10-0 heading to we���re occurrence with the head Virginia before welcoming Illinois. Drive: 5 Plays 98 Yds defense. Notre keeping a tight left on a Penalties: No-Yards all-time returnat tage ing. In fact, winning Ten titles ��� 2. ����� pass 0 of 10-375 8-310 g their fake right, cut not there just yet. going to be a chore, and an the game, field Goals: Gibbons just its match percen is not as common win is seekingWinningplay fans are cautious in celebratin Dar- Punts: No-Yardsups 3. Forcier���s step Hold up. We���re is 38.8 38.3, longest 53.0), tected most of Michigan���s Notre Dame���s Indiana in its first If IU���s T Pct. will have a greater feel State and Iowa froze Notre Dame���s e line vs.37.5 38.8 g af- Punting: Hagerup 9 (average is expected to in to help against THiRD Hoosiers. In fact, Avg. Per Punt fourth-and-three QUARTeR Crist took adgames at Michigan from the day that Michigan ClauL success, they U-M���s Defensiv end or a back W frustratin next school history and G From was a 34.6 1-9 1 (average 30.0). his tracks. Forcier away quarterback Jimmy School sixth 4-0 start in 36 .7405 it finished 875 team���s the Hoosiers are capable of the Jones 53-yard Passdefense and found Avg. Net Punt line: It 0-0which often Robinson still a few years ius Fleming in for a Big Ten title. John Beilein���s Offensive line, and it gave to find outstanding reND 21 14 campaign when what for 295 1,206 alone compete No-Yards Michigan���s line, U-M time of cover zero since the 42 .7362 , much the way 1990 4-101 3-63 when those games, let vantage (Ruffer Kick) 12:42 0:12 for a 31-yard Punt Returns:forNo-Yards 285 ternoon sen plenty of Floyd. The blockers a buzz is right on schedule to progress and ��� eventu1,160 833 four games. the middle 3-0, Tate and Michael ND 6-5-1. there really isn���t if it Drive: 2 Plays 53 Yds Michigan up 31- Kickoff Returns: even eight, 3-19 0-0 But this program the seam down faced seven, No-Yards ceivers Golden receiving, when Crimson are Irish quarter���They���re 3-0, but in year two, continue z, the Cream and that put d for 246 yards interception Returns: didn���t sack 0-0 0-0 They no one knows Whilethough, is. Make a big step nships. Believe Rich Rodrigue Therea wait-and-see mode, due in all schedUle touchdown run they rushed.No-Yards tandem combine been more had Floyd (unofficially) almost quarter. FOOtb about this team because Field Goal if it just beat 2009IU���s first fumble Returns: Clausen once and0 0 this year. in have Ruffer fourth of Time/TV ally ��� win champio still be some adversity fans are still to be special or 20 early in the24-Yard quarter with the back Jimmy ND and it might 21 17 will perceived weakness Miscellaneous Yards twice, both times 34:09 25:51 Opponent has the potentialW, 31-7 competition,��� Insithrough the fourth nship part 08:48 him Date weak he tells you there have such a young team. to the Chris Balas lg hurried Time only not left midway UAl stAtIstICs Allen had a Td 4-14 2:14 on some really ts. Football Champio Mid��� Possession up INDIvID 3-16 you 95 Bikoff said. W. No Yds pLays back Armando when 1 s three opponen Drive: 8 Plays 66 Yds W, 38-34 Sept. 5 and Michigan in- NOtRe DAme Receiving always is164 beat writer Ken blitz. Running with a knee injury. three WOrst many 28.6% Eastern Kentucky Western Third-Down Conversion yards, 18.8% coming Td lg The Irish averaged Dame 8 139 this week���s game 53 Rudolph Subdivision foe alf, third-and-goal lost Net Avg Sept. 12 Notre 1 waiting 73 �����First-down defense. n play in the first career day Percentage with edge: Notre Dame ce opponents Eastern Michigan e is W, 45-17on 3 1-1 0-0 lost Rushing No Gain 5 89 5.9 0 29 An early second-h they beat ���Everyon 1. If 17 Jones first-dow 19 PN2 0 fOURTH QUARTeR not only American Report Conferen wn Conversions 66 15 94 a combined 3-5. 5 Dame���s Allen nine yards per Brandon Minor side the tackles. three possible results. 10 yards or 5.8 0 10 100.0% 0.0% Floyd Football injury Michigan and Akron areofSept. 26 Indiana for one ofNoon/ES N ; I think everyone toss sweep to 95-yard Pass From Crist kicker fourth-Do Offensive line vs. Notre 0 23 0 23 seven plays of senior 24 19 39 U-M 37 Rudolph 2 Noon/BT its first two wins Percentage U-M���s half, including ND yards, it gave fifth-year 1-11 0-0 ack Montana 4 30 11 19 4.8 1 21 a 26Dame���s balGames 17 for Riddick in each Sept.3 at Michigan State , it���s euphoria 0 Michigan 10 two 4 Michigan quarterb 17 over 30. Notre by 1 Indiana struggled or ESPN start going crazy (Ruffer Kick) 03:41 angle to try 336 10 10.0 0 Sacks By: No-Yards and 13 scram- Crist more with two ge a poor Eifert Defensive line: Missed IU? the Colonels Oct. Broncos 8 be stunned and will 0 10 1 10 0 13 will p.m./ABCTBA/TBAcompetitive, and lose Injury Jason Olesnava Play 91 Yds 0:34 missed wide ��� 154 yards rushing, off 1 sacked twice and week���s 10 1.7 0 also, beating Drive: 1 Olesnavage Oct. 10 at Iowa 9 Gray up Gray 0 ance on offense defense Tate Forcier was 3 6 19 9 e Three Out points, respectively. This Delaware State team. If they are Player 9 1 Or they after this Wood the Michigan yard field goal. blitzes by stepping 3 1.5 0 be a Allen 0 95 six and four TBA/TBA a good sign. Oct. 17 with no points Toussaint Collarbon that���s passing ��� kept 2 3 29 Three Probable Maize and Blue will bled away from to buy time. A mobile Riddick 21 381 RB Fitzgerald 2 State 28-21 or 21-17, Knee a script seen left, leaving Michigan Run the 1 early in the 154 4.8 1 Total matchup with the Robinson 2-Yard at Oct. 24 Penn Probable Dame 32 179 25 3:30 p.m./TBA that���s goal balance. U-M One 28 24 several more times it easier on the line, Total get blown out and 1 of 1 (longest OL Tim McAvoy 24). plays. The Notre Ankle Td lg starting first-and- n Kick) 00:27 Ten makes field Goals: Ruffer much stifferplay (Broekhuize TBA/TBA Oct. 31 at Illinois could many times before.��� Will test. se% int Yds ����� Avoiding big yards, but One 38.8, longest 47). guy certainly competing in Big TB Brandon Minor here too plays over 24 third quarter. 12 Plays 72 Yds 3:14 first-and-25 Passing Att Comp 52.0 1 277 2 95 even when fifth-year opportunity to head ���Anytime you���re Punting: Turk 8 (average Moosman 22), Shoulder Drive: TBA/TBA Nov. 7 Purdue backed up offense had four d-run was nullified by a None Out good measuring stick,��� Wisconsin Lynch likes his team���s 25 13 which played well David 0 37 with injury Crist OG kicks for 44 yds. (longest 2. The Irish were of the balance in the secit���s a Moosman left 14 at our catch-an 47.1 1 104 0 at Returns: Wood 2 19 yds, Allen 1 punt for 9 yds. Foot play, 8 TBA/TBA 0 screen U-M because a 76-yard you Molk None Probable said. ���If Nov. look 16 trailing 14-10 nior guard David 0 for Montana 17 0 0.0 1 first-year big play, a 41-yard Ankle Ohio State compete against Riddick 1 kickOC David from their own ack Jimmy play 2 coach Bill Lynch 95 Nov. we���re done found in their penalty. Another rodriguez Irish quarterb Rees a 19-yarde r None Will compare it to a game, 21 3 381 2 that S Mike Williams the Hoosiers have Ribs wn, became head coach rich to run his ond quarter, but own; 44 21 47.7 weekend season and runbecause of a defense Total for a touchdo In tate Forcier, and we held our will be key this k tailor-made QB Tate Forcier and determined pistol offense and Big Ten in scoring (17.7 the secondary in the with the first quarter may have a quarterbac cissoko and 8 the when it was reviewed group of receivers. ��� Page 9 quarter. Now we���re .com kjeldsen yards alranks fourth in InE the play of Boubacar ��� Pagewith a big, physical photo by per ��� pAge 13 we had a good first offense. photo by Eric bronson/bronsonphoto challenge. INe indiana team per game) and total tHE WOlVER Ine and we have a big THe WoLVeR faces an when U-M points allowed tHe WOLVeR second quarter game). looking at it. lowed (312.3 per and That���s how we���re going on the road ���We���re ready. We���re sept. 23, 2009 pOLL gAme Week ysis ��� Game aNaL D What WOrke eXtRA p Ints 10�� 3:46�� 85�� To receive email notifications, please send an email to: or call 1-800-421-7751 iPa d yR RtunItsince 1988ead A RARe OppO y! I Game Facts at Michigan. What: Indiana Arbor. 12 p.m., in Ann When: Sept. 26, game will be televised Radio-TV: The will ESPN2. Pam Ward nationally by lay with Ray Benthandle the play-by-p The the color analyst. ley serving as Michicarried by the contest will be its (104.3 FM) and gan Sports Network on also be heard can 38 affiliates and Radio. Sirius Satellite Rodriguez : Rich Coaches: Michigan Indiana: Bill Lynch (6-9, second season). (13-15, third season). leads the series History: Michigan with Indiana, 50-9. Indiana : Michigan 34, Last Meeting 3, 2006. meetThis is the first Indiana Notes: s at the two program ing between has since 2005 ��� IU Michigan Stadium this 5:38 in 180 minutes trailed for only rivals 22-14 in g its season, outscorin 30 and 53-31 through the first quarter have ��� The Hoosiers minutes of play dating to Michigan, lost 15 in a row losthe longest active back to 1988 ��� opponent. a 13-15 streak of any U-M has compiled ing lynch the hoosiers. head coach Bill seasons guiding record in his three photo courtesy indiana university

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