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December 2018

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30 CAVALIER CORNER cavalier profile GRAYSON BUBROSKY Fourth-Year • Squash A fourth-year, Grayson Bubrosky knows what skills are neces- sary to be successful at squash. "On the court, I would say mental grit and athletic ability," said Bubrosky, who last season advanced to the consolation finals of the CSA individual championships and was Virginia's No. 4 player. "The way I characterize my playing style is grinding. I've always tried to expand points as long as I can. My main skill is hitting straight drives down the wall. "From there if you can establish a good length, it opens up the rest of the court. If you're not hitting perfect shots, it puts pres- sure on your opponent." Bubrosky honed his skills with his twin brother and fellow Cavalier Killian. "If I didn't have somebody else to play with, it was nice be- cause we were pretty competitive in high school [New Canaan in Connecticut]," Bubrosky said. "We fed off each other's intensity. It was nice having a benchmark with whom I could relate plus having someone to travel with and play in all of these different tournaments. "Just growing up, he always was there and we were equal in skills. We really fed off each other's talent and intensity. If we played a match for fun and I lost in four games, the next match I played that much harder to try and beat him." Bubrosky came to UVA with an impressive résumé. Among other things, he earned the U.S. Squash Scholar-Athlete Award all four years of high school. And at UVA he picked up where he left off since he was named a 2018 College Squash Association Scholar Athlete. "I think through squash I've been able to develop time man- agement skills," Bubrosky said. "I've allocated spots for training and set aside time for school work. "I've carved out a routine to complete my school work and set aside time for matches." Bubrosky began playing squash in middle school, and during high school he played in Level II tournaments. "I started playing tournaments all around the country, got my ranking up and began competing at a higher level," he said. — Mike Scandura Photo by Matt Riley/courtesy UVA

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