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Page 10 of 55 JUNE/JULY 2019 11 UNDER THE DOME THEY SAID IT "What a string of picks to start the fourth round it was. Love capped off a run of PFF favorites, as he checked in at 45th on our final draft board. Love is a gamer who excels with his physical style of play. His 38 forced incomple- tions over his last two seasons were the second most in college football." Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus on listing former Notre Dame cornerback JULIAN LOVE ( No. 108 overall in the fourth round to the New York Giants) as one of his 15 most underrated picks in the 2019 NFL Draft ( "I was thrilled with the response that I got because it was from more people outside of basketball. It was from women across the country, it was from men across the country. Barack Obama tweeted about it, got a note from Hilary Clinton. Just so many people looked at that and said, 'We needed to have that conversa- tion, or at least start the conversation.' "I heard a lot from dads with daughters — 'Thanks for what you did for my daughter.' I think it takes sometimes having daughters to be able to see it and appreciate what we are fighting against." — Notre Dame women's basketball head coach Muffet McGraw on her comments during the Final Four that more women needed to be hired in the game (Blue & Gold Illustrated) "I'm committed to getting my degree and I'm ready to get back to work with my teammates and coaches. We still have some unfinished business and our team is ready to put in the work to ensure more success moving forward." — Hockey forward Cam Morrison, who was the 40th overall selection in the 2016 NHL Draft by the Colorado Avalanche, on returning to Notre Dame for his senior campaign ( "You want to transfer, I think that's fine. We are still colleges, we are still universities, I think there should be an academic component that's part of the transfer portal. We should be transparent in what your academic situation is. If you do that, and you want to expose what your academic record is as well, now [schools] decide whether those young men fit the profile you're looking for academically and athletically." — Notre Dame football head coach Brian Kelly on the NCAA transfer portal, while speaking at a luncheon at the Mariner Sands Country Club hosted by the Notre Dame Club of Stuart in Florida in early May (The Palm Beach Post) "We know, we know, he says he's done coaching. Still, Meyer's affinity for the Notre Dame job has been written about for years. He was an assistant coach there from 1996-2000 and there would be plenty of Fighting Irish fans who would love to have him. However, would Meyer's ample baggage be a deal-breaker?" — writer Matt Hladik on listing Urban Meyer to Notre Dame in his article "Predicting The Next Head Coaches For College Football's Top Programs" PHOTO COURTESY FIGHTING IRISH MEDIA OF THE MONTH ➤"Chuck Lennon gave so much to not only the Notre Dame community, but also to the world (and not just through his fiery pep rally speeches). When asked what he wanted on his tombstone, he simply replied — 'I always gave a damn.' Thank you, Chuck. Thank you." The official Twitter profile for Fighting Irish athletics (@FightingIrish) on the passing of Chuck Lennon, a former Notre Dame monogram winner who went on to serve his alma mater as a baseball and basketball coach, as well as associate vice president and executive director of the Alumni Association DID YOU KNOW... Your home address will be automatically changed to the mailing address on file with the US Postal Service? ALL addresses are cross-referenced with the USPS National Change of Address database. It can take up to 7 days for the USPS to update your address in their database? To prevent missed issues, please notify the US Postal Service ASAP. Your postal forwarding order expires in 60 days or less? Most forwarding requests expire in 60 days and DO NOT always include periodical mail. Issues are discarded at their discretion. You should call your local post office to verify your delivery address? Don't assume the post office knows your vacation or moving schedule. AVOID COSTLY DELAYS & REPLACEMENTS! Blue & Gold Illustrated Customer Service: 1–800–421–7751 We are happy to assist, but due to privacy laws all postal address changes must be completed by you.

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