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April 2013

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F By Shane Mettlen or so many young athletes, it all starts with their siblings. Brothers and sisters serving as each other's first teammates, first opponents, first archrivals and first fans. For some, perhaps most, the games never leave the backyard or the family basement, but The Grounds of the University of Virginia are full of student-athletes with the rare fortune to still play together. "UVa families" are not uncommon, as many parents have sent more than one child to matriculate at Mr. Jefferson's University, but not often have there been so many siblings wearing the orange and blue and competing for the Cavaliers on the varsity level. This year, there are brothers and sisters on teams ranging from rowing to basketball, and they include some of Virginia's most successful athletes. It's not necessarily a new phenomenon at VirMary and Betsy Nilan (rowing) Sarah and Tommy Devita (track) ginia. In recent years, brothers such as Matt and Jake Snyder and Conner and Kyle McCartin have played on the Virginia football team, and as many as four sets of siblings have graced the men's lacrosse roster at one time, but it's been rare to see as many sets of siblings spread throughout the athletic department. For those within the programs, it works to create a family atmosphere that coaches at many schools try to use as a selling point to recruits, but at UVa is truly part of the Cavalier experience. "It was definitely a cool aspect of the team, especially being a freshman," Cavalier lacrosse player Jacob Ghitelman said. Ghitelman and his brother Adam, a former standout goalie, made up one of four sets of brothers on the Wahoos' lacrosse roster in 2010. "You got to see the elder brother look out for the younger brother, and have them train in their own way how they want their younger brother to play," Ghitelman added. "For me, it was nice having my Taylor and Sarah Beth Barnette (basketball)

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