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THE WOLVERINE 2020 FOOTBALL PREVIEW ■ 91 "I expect nothing but the best from those two, going into their second season, just from how hard they work in the classroom. That mentality translates right into football. They just want to get better, work hard, and improve." They'll need someone to lead, former Michigan defensive end Ryan Van Bergen insisted. That's where Kemp comes in. "The defensive line is going to need some leadership," Van Bergen said. "I feel like he and [junior defensive end] Aidan [Hutchin- son] are going to be in position to do that. Having Kemp back will be big. "I saw him dipping the shoulder between the hips of guys and not going backwards. At least getting a stalemate and drawing two. But one guy isn't enough. He needs a combo man." Kemp acknowledged the gut punch of the Ohio State game took the air out of what had been a strong recovery from a Big Ten- opening loss at Wisconsin. Still, he felt, the Wolverines accomplished plenty. Kemp mentioned a double-overtime win against an Army offense that's difficult to face. A 10-3 win over Iowa jumps out, espe- cially to any defensive player. "That's as classic of a Big Ten game as you'll get — a 10-3 victory at home," Kemp said. "Who is going to make the play? We just did whatever we could to hold the Iowa offense to as little as possible, and set up our offense for just the right amount of points to win the game. "Beating Michigan State in the fashion we did is definitely a game that's up there. You think of beating Michigan State and winning the state. Keeping Paul Bunyan right in our locker room — he's always nice to look at, every day when you come to practice, and when you're training." Kemp hopes to face all of Michigan's scheduled opponents come fall — Wisconsin, Penn State, MSU and especially the one at the end. He'll do it if only 20,000 are allowed in The Big House or if nobody can come. He admits, that would be very strange. "Man, that definitely would be unique," Kemp acknowledged. "You're so lucky to have 110,000 fans at every single home game. It's something a lot of us have been spoiled with. That big stadium, with only 20,000 peo- ple, would definitely look a little awkward." He waved off the notion of wanting Ohio Stadium empty when the Wolverines enter. "I think we would all love for crowds to be there and to have that noise, being able to go into other people's stadiums and have their fans there as well," Kemp said. "Noth- ing is better than when you're at someone else's place and you're firing on all cylinders and their crowd gets a little quiet." Kemp doesn't plan on being quiet himself, captain or not. He's learned a lot over four years, and intends to let his play and his words speak out. "You're just trying to improve to be the best," he assured. "If I'm a captain, be the best captain I can be for this team. I want them to see that in me." They'll also see someone whose done whatever he can on the long hike towards a final season. "Hopefully, when this opens up, I can ditch these bricks and this wob- bly, unstable backpack for some high-tech equipment," Kemp said. He'd like to ditch some other burdens as well. ❑ Kemp Should End Up High On The Games-Played List Fifth-year senior Carlo Kemp could wind up with more game appearances than any Wolverine in modern history, should he stay healthy and there's a season played in full. Kemp slipped in two contests as a true freshman, one in the middle of the sea- son, and later successfully petitioned to garner a fifth year on the field. After that freshman campaign, he's been all but one Michigan contest, 38 of them, to boost his total to 40 games played heading into his final season. If Michigan went through a regular schedule with a bowl game — and Kemp didn't miss any — he'd wind up with 53. A Big Ten Championship Game or College Football Playoff appearance would, of course, pad the total. Here's an unofficial list of the most games played in a winged helmet: Rk. Player Games Played Years T1. Jordan Glasgow 52 2016-19 Khaleke Hudson 52 2016-19 T3. Brandon Watson 51 2015-18 Mason Cole 51 2014-17 Craig Roh 51 2009-12 Chris Wormley 51 2013-16 Ben Gedeon 51 2013-16 Sione Houma 51 2012-15 Joe Bolden 51 2012-15 T10. Ben Bredeson 50 2016-19 Jon Jansen 50 1995-98 Jehu Chesson 50 2013-16 Kyle Kalis 50 2013-16 Royce Jenkins-Stone 50 2012-15 James Ross 50 2012-15 Mark Moundros 50 2007-10 Leon Hall 50 2003-06 Garrett Rivas 50 2003-06 Carl Tabb 50 2003-06 Brian Thompson 50 2003-06 Pierre Woods 50 2002-05 John Navarre 50 2000-03 Jeremy LeSueur 50 1999-2003 Brandon Harrison 50 2005-08 Tim Jamison 50 2004-08 — John Borton Kemp enters his final campaign with 40 games played, putting him on track to take the school record if he plays in every regular-season game, plus a bowl. PHOTO BY PER KJELDSEN

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