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FEBRUARY 2021 THE WOLVERINE 5   FROM OUR READERS • I don't think John would give Jim bad advice or send a recommenda- tion he didn't believe in. He wants Jim to fix this. I feel better about this [than] some old retread for sure. blue_in_chicago • Georgia fans have been raving about him, and he was a graduate assistant that briefly helped recruit during a coaching transition. Him coming from the Ravens culture and scheme is big. NCWolverine11 • It's just like the real world — you use your connections. John gives [Jim] some insight that the other coaches don't have access to. Dnichols48124 • I'm completely guessing, but I think John Harbaugh knows how im- portant this next year is for Jim. I feel as though John probably said, 'Hey Jim, take a look at this kid on my staff. I think he could be a really good up- and-comer.' Jim interviewed him and made the call. Again, I'm completely guessing, but I'm sure John knows the severity of this hire for his brother. At the end of the day, brothers look after each other. AP_UM_91 • I saw someone in this thread refer to it as not being a "high floor" hire. I agree with that, but I'm also fine with it. The obvious negative is that he has no experience as a defensive coor- dinator calling plays, and obviously no experience as a position coach or coordinator in college. That said, he does have experience coaching in one of the NFL's best defenses. I have little doubt that the hybrid defenses that the Ravens and Steelers run in the NFL will work in college. Most NFL defenses run five or even six defensive back packages on most snaps — something I wish [former defensive coordinator Don] Brown would have done against the OSUs of the world (and, no, vipers Khaleke Hudson or Michael Barrett are not DBs). If nothing else, we should get im- proved play from the LBs, which was a MAJOR issue this year. smarsh • I'm a Giants fan. When they an- nounced Joe Judge as the head coach last year, me and all the Giants fans were saying a lot of the same things. Who the heck is this guy? He's never been a head coach! A year later, I love me some Joe Judge. They leaned on respected lead- ers (Nick Saban, Bill Belichick) that had insight into him and probably confirmed what they were hearing during the interview. Same thing here. I hope a year from now I'm saying, I love me some Mike Macdonald! I'm sure there are opposite examples, but I like some of the things I read and I'm going to give it a chance. kvgoblue On the return of legendary Michi- gan running back Mike Hart to coach his former position for the Wolverines … • He should be a monster recruiter. pickles24 • Best news of the offseason! BlueSwede94 • Big Brother is back! Hank2623 • Feel like he can help get some culture issues ironed out. SouthpawBlue6 • Not to mention I believe he will take our game against Sparty to a new level. I doubt we overlook them anymore. Amaizingblue • I would love to be in that locker room when Michigan plays Sparty next year. Devin Bush was the last guy who played that game like his hair was on fire and his life depended on winning it. Devin had utter dis- dain for "little brother!" You can bet your [butt] Hart will instill that into this offense. I would pay to be in the locker room pregame to watch Hart lose his mind! Macdaddy7657 • This is great news. I can see him as the head man one day. jab43 • Outside of his running ability, Hart excelled at pass protection and ball security. That'll be huge if he can pass those skills on. And for the love of God, put the screen game back in. n8wildey • Here is a young man who got every last ounce of success out of his ability and always left it all on the field. If he can successfully convey that type of attitude to those who play under his tutelage, then we re- ally might have something! RHT47 • Once upon a time if you had said that Jim Harbaugh would be the Michigan head coach with Mike Hart as an assistant under him, you would've been laughed out of the room. What a time to be alive. Mittener40 60-Day Free Trial, Use Code BLUE60 Join The Conversation! Use Code BLUE60 60-Day Free Trial New U-M running backs coach Mike Hart still holds program records for career rushing yards (5,040), 100-yard rushing games (28) and average rushing yards per game (117.2). PHOTO COURTESY MICHIGAN PHOTOGRAPHY

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