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Nov. 6, 2021

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Page 4 of 63 NOV. 6, 2021 5 FAN FORUM FOUR BETTER THAN THREE? Marcus Freeman has pushed to use a three-man defense front during ND's first five games. I believe a four-man front is more effective. Could someone at BGI do an analysis of ND's defensive results when using the three-man defense vs. the four-man front and present a comparison. I'm sure you'll find the four- man front more effective. Ronald W. Koper '58 Via the internet WHIFFING WITH PEACOCK First I would like to say that I totally agree with the Fan Forum letters about how disappointed and disgusted they were with the Peacock streaming of the Toledo game. Jack Swarbrick's defense of the Peacock experiment was absurd. His comment that "it was a home run," does nothing but insult loyal Irish fans. They had to spend their hard-earned money for the service and equipment so they could follow their team. I have a question about the Peacock experiment. What per- centage of mail did you receive supporting it? Dan Madden Fountain Valley, Calif. Mr. Madden, most of the feedback we have received has been negative. BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007, Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: FROM THE WEB Following Notre Dame's 31-16 victory versus USC Oct. 23, ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit tweeted out his list of "Top Performing Coaches of Week 8" and included Irish offensive coordina- tor Tommy Rees, along with Wisconsin defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard plus head coaches Bret Bielema (Illinois), Manny Diaz (Miami), Mario Cris - tobal (Oregon), Brady Hoke (San Diego State) and P.J. Fleck (Minnesota). That led to some discussion on's message board about the job Rees has been doing. Here is a sampling of some of those opinions: ndnd: Tommy Rees is IMO one of the best offen - sive coordinators in all of college football. GoldenDinger: He's scheming successful offense with a still forming O-line. He's doing awesome. SBIrish25: I wouldn't go that far yet. Good young offensive mind, but still has some things to prove. thomasna: He's progressing. He's open to new ideas and will continue to fine-tune and improve his offense. I think his offense will take a big step up next season with Buchner at QB, a more experi - enced OL and playmakers on the outside in [Kevin] Austin, [Lorenzo] Styles, [Deion] Colzie and maybe CJ Williams or [Tobias] Merriweather. His recruiting ability and grind is drawing good reviews. He's making a run at two top QBs in the 2022 class in Devin Brown and Walker Howard. He's got ND in the top groups for top 2023 QBs Nico Iamaleava and Dante Moore. That's more top 50 QBs ND has a chance with since the [Charlie] Weis years. Point is the offensive talent is being upgraded under Rees IMO. His play calling is improving as well. atrain78255: He most likely got the kudos for switching to the up-tempo offense versus USC which was great, but IMHO should have been done much earlier in the season. Maverick 1: The kid was an analyst for the Char - gers assisting with game plans. He's not perfect but like [Jeff] Quinn, he will never get any credit, or lukewarm at best. Jw1723: Can run an up-tempo offense unless there is confidence in the line play. Clearly Quinn has found the right group because the play the last two games has been solid. mh2365: He will get very little credit on this board, but he absolutely called a great game on Saturday night … joemontana: I admit I've been impressed with his offensive game plan in the last couple of weeks. He is maturing and growing right underneath our eyes! I give a lot of credit to Brian Kelly on his maturation. NijanBH: He's high on everyone's list/radar, when ND fans realize this, who could say. FightingVac: Took him and especially Kelly six weeks plus the bye to notice we play better in the hurry-up but whatever. He did call a great game when Kelly let him call a great game. Offensive coordinator Tommy Rees received some national attention for his performance in Notre Dame's 31-16 win over USC Oct. 23. PHOTO BY CHAD WEAVER

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