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4 J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 2 Site Lines ON SEAN CLIFFORD'S DECISION TO RETURN FOR A SIXTH YEAR … We're talking about a guy who threw for nearly 3,000 yards in basically 10 games with a 63 percent completion rate and accounted for 22 TDs and for all intents and purposes WAS THE OFFENSE. If that guy wants to come back, you take him 100 out of 100 times. — notspyker Clifford will be great for both freshman QBs coming in. He can help them study film and show them how to break down a variety of defenses. Sometimes learning from your teammates is more powerful than learning from the offensive coordinator. You're not afraid to ask any questions that may exist. This is a blessing in disguise for our team moving forward. — psupower It comes down to a discussion about what is best for the team next year. Is it better to gain experience with a new QB during a year that is highly unlikely to yield a Big Ten championship? Or is it better to get one or two more wins with a QB who departs at the end of the year, still doesn't win the championship and leaves us with still-green QBs as 2023 starters? I'd rather see what the new guys can do. Sean Clifford is a great guy, but he has zero chance for an NFL career. Better to start on a meaningful post-college career in 2022. — Stephen Light To me this upcoming season means little if anything. An extra win with Cliff means we're what, 7-5? Now, go- ing 6-6 or even 5-7 with QBs ready to roll in '23, that excites me. Going 6-6 this coming year, or even 5-7, with the young quarterbacks getting all the practice and playing time makes for exciting times in 2023. — Michnit Ask any opposing head coach or defensive coordinator who would they rather face, Cliff or any of the three [freshman quarterbacks]? I'll bet their answers are unanimous — they'd rather face any of the other three than Cliff. — PhillipintheValley ON THE ADDITION OF WIDEOUT MITCHELL TINSLEY, A TRANSFER FROM WESTERN KENTUCKY … When I saw the Western Kentucky game, I knew he was in the portal and I remember thinking, "Boy, I wish we could get him." That was before I even knew we were in the running for him. Early Christmas gift!! — Daveb9127 I love this transfer portal pickup; he looks like a great one. — aferrelli What a huge mistake it would be to not look to add diamonds in the rough who blossomed at smaller schools. Our opponents will certainly be doing it, so unless we want to fall behind, we better not be so pride-filled as to avoid adding talent. — wbcbus ON THE OUTLOOK FOR PENN STATE'S OFFENSIVE LINE IN 2022 … If Rasheed Walker comes back, things could get interesting. You could have Walker and Olu Fashanu as your tackles, which I can't imagine could be worse than this past season. Then you have Juice Scruggs at center and what looks like a very healthy competition for the two guard spots between Landon Tengwall, Caedan Wallace, Sal Wormley, Bryce Effner, etc. If we could add a potential starter from the transfer portal into that mix, I could actually start to get optimistic about the offensive line again. The caveat being that it's the offseason, which is the time when it's easy to convince yourself that everything is coming together for an inevitable title run. — PSURam Is it wrong of me to believe that an offensive line of Fashanu, [potential Cornell transfer] Hunter Nourzad or another transfer, Scruggs, Wallace and Tengwall could be pretty good? Add in Effner and Wormley for depth. — TFiddy123 I have faith in Phil Trautwein and hope that the classes of '23 and '24 are loaded with the right guys on the OL. — Tiger Outlaw I am not optimistic about the future of our OL. Our recruiting of offensive linemen has been steadily declining. When you consider Tengwall projects best as a guard, we are not only thin overall, but are espe- cially bare at tackle. I also don't think we are going to get the development we were hoping with Phil Trautwein. It's been two years for him to implement his system, and we just aren't seeing it. I hope I am wrong. — Penn State 1960 JANUARY 2022/VOL. 37, NO. 5 MANAGING EDITOR Matt Herb CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ryan Tice, Mark Panus WEBSITE EDITOR Nate Bauer STAFF WRITERS David Eckert, Greg Pickel RECRUITING REPORTER Ryan Snyder FOOTBALL ANALYST Thomas Frank Carr CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Phil Grosz, Lou Prato, Jim Carlson PHOTOGRAPHY Bill Anderson, Steve Manuel, Mark Selders COVER PHOTO Mark Selders/Penn State Athletics DESIGN Jeanette Blankenship, Chris Miller F F F PUBLISHER Stu Coman BUSINESS MANAGER Linda Autry ADVERTISING SALES/MARKETING Michelle DeLee-Hamilton 877-630-8768 CIRCULATION MANAGER Sarah Boone CUSTOMER SERVICE Cathy Jones, Laura Thornton 800-421-7751 BLUE WHITE ILLUSTRATED (USPS 742-550) is published monthly, except June, by Coman Publishing Company, 905 W Main St, Ste 24F, Durham, NC 27701-2076. A one-year (11 issues) subscription is $59.00. First-class, digital and foreign rates available on request. Periodicals postage paid at Durham, NC 27701 and additional mailing offices. Printed by The Papers, Milford, Ind. POSTMASTER: Please send address corrections/changes to BLUE WHITE ILLUSTRATED, PO Box 2331, Durham NC 27702-2331. For advertising or subscription informa- tion call 1-919-688-0218 or write BLUE WHITE ILLUSTRATED, PO Box 2331, Dur- ham NC 27702. W W W . B L U E W H I T E O N L I N E . C O M Freshman offensive tackle Landon Tengwall (58) got significant action in the last two regular-season games and is expected to compete for a starting role next year. PHOTO BY STEVE MANUEL

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