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March-April 2024

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20 ■ THE WOLFPACKER BY ETHAN MCDOWELL N C State's Wolfpack Club presents donors with an exclusive, unique opportunity each football season. A select group of members receive access to the motorhome lot — a park- ing area for RVs and campers that posi- tions them close to the stadium with a community feeling. Among the most passionate NC State supporters, these members tailgate and cheer on the Wolfpack at each home game. The Wolfpack Club assigns a total of 47 parking permits for its motorhome lot every January, giving donors the chance to take their tailgating setups to a new level. "It's a great game-day environment if you've ever been there," said Erick Batts, the Wolfpack Club's director of seat rights, parking and tickets. "It's ac- tually tailgating on steroids." Mac Campbell has held a permit in the motorhome lot for about 15 years. He calls those tailgates "a watering hole" for his family that also gives him the opportunity to connect with friends he only sees a few times a year. With 20-30 season tickets spread across their family alone, the Campbells are able to spend time together in the lot before heading into Carter-Finley Stadium. "It's sort of a gathering point for our family for every home game," Campbell said. In order to secure a spot in the lot, Wolfpack fans have to meet certain cri- teria. Each donor must give at the organi- zation's "Captain's Level," which is an annual gift of at least $10,500. A donor is also eligible for a spot in the motorhome lot if their major gift amount meets or exceeds $20,000 when combined with their annual gift. That can be accomplished by giving to initia- tives such as the Student-Athlete Im- Pack Program or other Red Wolf Society gift allocations. Batts also noted that each donor ap- plying for the spot would have to spend a year at the required giving level before they are eligible to receive a spot. For example, if a fan wanted to ap- ply for a motorhome spot during the 2025 season, they would have to meet the required giving total during the 2024 calendar year. Once a donor meets those require- ments, they are officially eligible to apply for a parking spot. Each year, the Wolf- pack Club takes the interested applicants and sorts them by their "rank" within the organization, which is primarily dictated by their total contributions. Each contribution leads to a num- ber of points earned by the donor. Years of consecutive membership also add points to a donor's rank. The top 47 ap- plicants will receive access to the lot, pending purchase of an $805 annual parking permit. NC State turns the power on in the lot at the beginning of the season and does not turn it off until the end. Be- cause of that, some fans choose to keep their motorhomes in the lot throughout the fall, minimizing the transportation hassle. Applicants who do not receive a season-long permit will be placed on a waiting list by the Wolfpack Club. Batts keeps an open line of communication with fans using the lot. If they will not be attending a game, they are encour- aged to bring back the permit so it can be assigned to someone else for that week. "We know it's a big financial commit- ment, and we certainly want to try to help those on the waiting list if we can," Batts said. He knows tailgating is an important part of the game-day experience, and the motorhome lot gives fans the chance to maximize their weekend with the Wolfpack. "It's a great tailgating atmosphere," Batts said. "A lot of them have been out there a long time, so they know each other. It's family oriented." NC State's motorhome spaces for the 2024 season are already assigned, but fans who are interested in a future spot are encouraged to reach out. ■ Contact: Erick Batts, Wolfpack Club director of seat rights, parking and tickets, at Carter-Finley's Motorhome Lot Provides A Tailgating Oasis For Devoted Fans The motorhome lot is open throughout the fall and can accommodate 47 vehicles on game day. PHOTO BY HAZE LANCASTER

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