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"He's probably my biggest coach out there. He'll pull me aside and he'll rip on me … but I know he wants the best for me." Nick Martin on his brother Zack In A Brotherly Position Brothers Zack and Nick Martin start alongside each other on the Notre Dame offensive line M By Andrew Owens idway through the first quarter of Notre Dame's season-opening victory over Temple, No. 70 and No. 72 met about 10 yards downfield, each pursuing an Owl defender to block. The play — a screen pass to junior running back Amir Carlisle — amounted to very little, it lost a yard. But the pair of offensive linemen accomplished their jobs with the block. They didn't start from the same place, but they ended the journey together, just as they are this season. No. 70 is fifth-year left tackle Zack Martin, and No. 72 is his younger brother, junior center Nick Martin. These brothers compose 40 percent of the team's starting offensive line, and the opportunity to start alongside each other constituted a major reason why Zack put off his NFL dreams for another year at Notre Dame. Fifth-year senior left guard Chris Watt is sandwiched between the Martin brothers on and off the field. As the left guard, he lines up between the pair on an offensive line he and Zack claim is the closest they've seen in their five years at the university. Watt has lived with Zack off-campus for two years now, and, naturally, Nick is a frequent guest. He, perhaps better than anyone else, provides a glimpse into the brothers' relationship. "On the field, I'd say at times Zack

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