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fan forum Collegial Spirit I just wanted to thank you and coach Brian Kelly for the "Poise Amid Noise" article in the Sept. 30 edition of Blue & Gold Illustrated. After the success of last year, I've been too caught up in judging this year 's team by wins and losses. I think we fans all need to remember this program is special because it keeps priorities in order. 1. Make a difference in the lives of the young men who play football at Notre Dame, most of whom won't be able to make a career in the NFL. That means a degree from a prestigious institution and the priceless experience of big-time college football. 2. Compete at the highest level, but do it the right way, meaning within the rules. I'm proud to be a fan of a school that does it right. 3. Play the games fairly and within the rules. 4. OK, now go out and win as many games as you can. My 97-year-old father and I love to get on the phone or write letters to discuss Notre Dame football. Your publication means so much to him. Ever since his freshman year at Notre Dame in 1934, he has been hooked! be heard! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007 Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: And now I'm proud to say I've passed on the Irish spirit to my two sons. Kurt Pepper Missouri City, Texas Grounds For Change I attended the Oklahoma game. Even though the score did not turn out the way I wanted, I enjoyed my experience at Notre Dame. However, seeing the grounds crew come out on the field at every time out shows the need for FieldTurf. I just imagined being a recruit at the game and seeing that on only the third game of the season the field is already coming apart. Notre Dame can have all the great facilities, but if the game field can't measure up, put in the FieldTurf. Tony Weaver, McSherrystown, Pa. Want to stay up-to-date with all the Irish news? Like Us On Facebook: blueandgoldillustrated Follow Us On Twitter:

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