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murphy's Law dan murphy N Realistic Expectations For The Return Of Golson otre Dame's readmission application for former university students is a two-page document composed mostly of requests for basic information: name, student identification number, intended course of study, etc. The last question, which Everett Golson seemingly would have to answer before signing below and submitting his paperwork to play football with the Irish again, is a little more in depth. "Please write a personal statement discussing the reasons you left the University and specifically what you have done to address those issues," it reads. "Why do you believe you are now ready to return to your studies at Notre Dame? What has changed?" That last one is loaded. The first part would be an intriguing read. How did he address the "poor academic judgment" that led to his dismissal without cracking a book or taking a test in the past seven months? Golson's punishment may not have logically fit his crime in that sense, but missing a full season of college eligibility certainly is a strict penance for cheating by any standards. He had plenty of free time to think about his trespasses between workouts in California this fall. The more interesting question is that last part: What has changed? Golson spent the last semester in exile, focusing on football and finetuning his skills with specialist coach By the time Everett Golson takes the practice field again for the Irish, it will be almost a year since the last time he strapped up his helmet, so it's impossible to think there won't be at least a little bit of rust he needs to shake off this spring. photo by Bill Panzica George Whitfield. He watched from a distance as Notre Dame slid into an exile of its own, falling back to an eight-win team for the third of Brian Kelly's four seasons as the program's head coach.

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