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June 2014

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five questions SENIOR ATHLETICS DIRECTOR JANE MILLER Cavalier Corner: You were selected to receive the 2014 Elizabeth Zintl Leadership award. What does it mean to receive an award like this? Miller: "I did not know Elizabeth Zintl, but I have heard from others what a remarkable woman she was and how much she contributed to the university. The list of women who have received this award is beyond impressive. "Many are women who have sup- ported me throughout my time at Virginia. Receiving an award named for Elizabeth Zintl and joining those before me is an honor I will always treasure." Cavalier Corner: What has work- ing at UVa done for you and meant to you? Miller: "Truthfully, I never would have envisioned being at a prestigious university like Vir- ginia, but athletics opened doors for me. At one point before I retired from coaching I said I would never be an administrator. Another door opened and I have learned to never say never. "I can't imagine having a more fulfilling career both as a coach and as an administrator than the one I have had here. And it really is true that when all is said and done, what you remember/think about most are the relation- ships developed. I am so grateful for the people I have met and how they have supported me and challenged me." Cavalier Corner: What was the transition like from coaching to being involved in administration? Miller: "Transitioning from coaching to administration was a process. Changing my focus from a single team to working with multiple teams and switching to an ad- ministrative focus was a challenge. I found that having a coaching background was beneficial when working with coaches and student-athletes, but looking at things from a much larger perspective was imperative. "As an introvert, I had to come out of my comfort zone, especially when serving on committees outside of the department. It was clearly a learning process, but I had the advantage of having so many wonder- ful people to lean on." Cavalier Corner: What are your plans moving forward, and how long do you plan on being at UVa? Miller: "Unless something unusual occurs, my next step will be retire- ment. Not sure when. However, I would like to stay involved in athletics and/or the university in some way. "I just love working with students and the university encourages you to grow every day. Working with young people does help keep you young." Cavalier Corner: Talk about some of the people you have gotten to coach or work with, and what have those experiences done for you? Miller: "I can't say enough about the administrators and faculty that I have been fortunate to meet and work with. Not only have I learned and grown from these individuals, but there are a number who have become trusted friends. "Without question, our athletics director Craig Littlepage mentored me during my transition to administration and has supported me throughout the development of my career. One of the most important things he taught me was the importance of connecting the athletics depart- ment to the university. "When I coached, that was not stressed. We were in our own world. He then continued to provide opportunities for me to be engaged outside of our department. As I said before, I have met wonderful people. Too many to name." — Brandon Lloyd Miller was selected to receive the 2014 Elizabeth Zintl Leader- ship award, which honors the high degree of professionalism, creativity and commitment that characterized Zintl's significant contributions to UVa. PHOTO BY MATT RILEY/COURTESY UVA i11-14.Cavalier Sports.indd 2 6/3/14 4:40 PM

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