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LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER To Our Subscribers, We want to update you on several is- sues involving your subscription to Blue & Gold Illustrated. Tablet Edition With the U.S. Post Office losing bil- lions of dollars a year — and shutting down offices around the country, re- ducing staff and lowering its delivery standards as a result — we want you to be aware of how we are trying to cope with this situation. Blue & Gold Illustrated has been printed on the Sunday morning following foot- ball games during its entire existence, and that has not changed. Our staff works late into the night and early morning, especially after night games, to complete Blue & Gold's exten- sive game coverage package. The pages are then designed and electronically forwarded by 10 a.m. Sunday morn- ing to The Papers, a newspaper printer and publisher in Milford, Ind., and the printer of every issue of Blue & Gold Il- lustrated. The Papers has mastered a quick turn- around — printing the publication, la- beling and sorting it according to post office regulations, stuffing the first-class postage issues in envelopes, preparing the copies that are air-freighted around the country and then loading two trucks that make deliveries to Hassett Air Ex- press in Chicago (where copies are flown to Jacksonville, Fla., Kearney, N.J., Los Angeles, Springfield, Mass., and Coppell, Texas) and to the post office Regional Distribution Center in South Bend (which, incidentally, will be shut down next year). This process is com- pleted and the trucks are on the road by 4 p.m. on Sundays. While The Papers is working on the print edition, we are also preparing and posting a digital version of Blue & Gold Illustrated that is optimized for tablets and can also be read on computers. The complete issue is available before noon on Sundays. We got into this business more than 35 years ago because we loved sports and print media, and we have been reluctant adopters, at times, of the technological advances the Internet has introduced into our lives. But I will have to say that it is amaz- ing that we can deliver you the entire issue of Blue & Gold Illustrated on a Sun- day morning before it's even finished being printed. All the color looks great, there's no damage to the "issue" and it includes audio and video segments. We encourage you to give the online edition a try while you wait for your print copy to arrive — and we will send you an e-mail notification as soon as the digital issue is available. Just send your e-mail address to newsletter@blueand- The online edition can be accessed at Your user name is your account number (located on your mailing label above your name) and

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