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October 2014

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IT STARTS WITH YOU THE PATH TO SUCCESS Academics Preparation Competition Service Graduation Lifelong Success ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ gotten used to it, thanks in large part to help I received from the Academic Affairs Office early on," she said. "When I miss class, not only do I have to make up the work that was due that day, but I also have to make sure that I get notes from that day or watch the lectures. When that happens, I usually spend twice the amount of time on each sub- ject than I normally have to, and having the support system at UVa can really help." Brogdon noted that it has helped him to have his Academic Coordinator on team road trips. It forces p l a y e r s t o t h i n k about their off-the- court responsibilities and strike the right b a l a n c e b e t w e e n academics and ath- letics. " S o m e o n e o n c e told me that when you get to college, especially a school like Virginia, do everything in moderation," he said. "It means to find a healthy balance where you can be happy because the happier you are, the better you're going to do in your environment." The guard from Atlanta has always known that he wanted to start a non-profit organization to help under- developed countries around the world. However, he wasn't sure how to get there as a history major. Once again, his Academic Coordinator drew the road map. "Part of my academic success was finding a major I really enjoy, and one that I can really apply myself in," he said. "I'm majoring in history, but I'm talking about my master's in public policy. My Academic Coordinator introduced me to it. "He asked if it was something I'd be inter- ested in, and I told him, 'Of course.' We really pursued it. I applied and got into the un- dergrad program. Then I realized there was an accelerated master 's program, so I applied and joined once I got into that. "I plan to start a non- profit organization that focuses on ideas like sustainability and uti- lizing your resources in under- developed countries in Africa and South America." Virginia and its support for student-athletes have also allowed Brian to reach her dreams off the field. "Though I have ambitions on the soccer field after col- lege, I would like to eventually go to a physician's assis- tant school or go to nursing school," she said. "My time at Virginia has certainly put me on a path to achieve both goals." — Ryan Tice Malcolm Brogdon has his Academic Coordinator to thank for guiding him into UVa's accelerated master's program in public policy, which will one day help the men's basketball star meet his goal of starting a non-profit organization to help under- developed countries around the world. PHOTO BY MATT RILEY/COURTESY UVA

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