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October 2014

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but the benefit is that of teamwork," Gelnovatch said. "You talk about guys pushing each other, well that's literally pushing each other." In Gelnovatch and UVa's version of the test, which is named after Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper who invented the test in 1968 to measure the aerobic fitness of U.S. Military members, each player — excluding the goalkeepers — must run two miles in 12 minutes or less before he is cleared to play in any games. If a player fails to complete the task, he will keep trying until he passes. "I try not to put too much stock into the test," Gelno- vatch said. "Just because you passed the test doesn't mean you can play soccer at this level. I think all of the kids know that now, but yet they still take the test seri- ously which is fine by me." Bird, an All-America candidate in 2014, has never failed to complete the test, but he enjoys the challenge. "It's fun for me," Bird said. For the first time since Gelnovatch devised the test more than a decade ago, every player on the Cavalier roster passed The Cooper Test before the team's first regular-season game. "I think it's a clear indication to me that these guys are hungry," Gelnovatch said. "Our older guys have shown great leadership and they deserve a lot of credit." Aside from the physical task and pushing your body to the limits for 12 minutes, Gelnovatch credits The Cooper Test for his teams' mental toughness. "The mental/physical component to it is the biggest part," Gelnovatch said. "It gives your mind 12 minutes to quit. Knowing you can't play until you pass the test really pushes you to the limit." That mental toughness is something that Gelnovatch and his team will be relying on this season that they hope will lead to another appearance in the College Cup. — Brandon Lloyd CAVALIER CORNER MAKES A GREAT GIFT Call us at 1-800-421-7751 to order a gift subscription FEBRUARY 2014 • $3.50 JUNE 2014 • $3.50 NATIONAL CHAMPION Tennis Standout Danielle Collins Captures The NCAA Singles Title

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