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October 2014

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is production no matter who you're around. "With the availability that we have," Hagans explained, "I think you just plug 'em and see who can do what. There's no starters. There's no twos. There's no threes. They're a bunch of guys show‑ ing up every day, working hard, and finding a way to get better doing their job." The players fully understand that they have to produce, both as wide receivers in terms of the offense and as members of a team that needs to win football games. Even the younger guys under‑ stand that, with as well as UVa's defense looks to be playing this season, the offense will be tasked with improving game to game and giving the Cavaliers a chance at a good year. "Look, we went 2‑10 last season," Severin said. "And I don't feel like we're a 2‑10 team at all. We've got guys who can play this game well. Last year, we know that's not us. We want to show that on the field and I want to do everything I can to make it happen. If that meant dropping weight or doing something different then so be it." Dowling committed to the Cavaliers back in November, and at the time it was readily appar‑ ent that UVa wasn't going to be having a good season. But that didn't deter him. "It was an easy decision to come here," he said. "And now it's my job to do everything I can to make sure we keep getting better every day. Coach London, Coach Hagans, the guys on the team, they all know we can be better. Hopefully, we'll have the chance to make the plays and prove ourselves to everyone." Severin came to UVa when the Wahoos were coming off an eight‑win season and an appearance in the Chick‑fil‑a Bowl. He's seen things take a dramatic turn that he isn't pleased is happening while he's on Grounds. But at the same time, he understands why people doubt his team and his offense. "Until we do it on the field, until we prove something, then I understand why people say what they say," Severin explained. "I know we're deep as a receiving corps. I know that. But we have to show it to people. We have to produce and time is of the essence. Time is ticking for everyone, really." ◆ Doni Dowling's five receptions (for 25 yards) against UCLA are the most by a UVa true first- year receiver in a debut since 1972. PHOTO BY MATT RILEY/COURTESY UVA

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