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December 2014

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principles of the [defense] and bringing more of a vocal presence on the floor." Boyle said Randolph's scoring ability is uncanny. "She can really score the ball," Boyle said. "She's an offensive-minded player. She can put the ball in the hole and spends a lot of time working on her game — her threes, her mid-range game, her ball- screen action — whatever we're running. She just has a scorer's mentality. I look for her to put the ball in the basket for us. Who knows how many shots she's going to get up for us, but I could see her being, more than likely, one of our leading scorers." One of the most surprising aspects of Randolph's overall improvement has been her defense. "She's done a great job," Boyle said. "To me, she's the most consistent defensive guard that I have on the floor. She's really bought in to that end of the floor. I would have not said that about Faith as a freshman, and not even necessarily as much last year. "But I think she's really come on strong and has really has opened my eyes. She's made a presence on the defensive end of the floor and has done a great job with that. Right now, if I had to say today, I would have Faith guard the opposing team's best player. To me, that's where she is defensively right now." Boyle said one of the challenges for Randolph this year is to become more of a team leader. "Faith has typically been quiet, but has really come out of her shell in the last year," Boyle said. "She knows she needs to be more vocal and that she needs to find a way to do it. She's not a rah-rah kid and all that. She's just out there and does her job and tries to encourage her teammates. She's going to have to figure out how to do it within the comfort of her personality. And I think she's been pretty good in our practices." The best thing about Randolph, according to Boyle, is her understanding of what the team needs from her during any given game — and her will- ingness to do it. Boyle said Randolph, just like Anderson on the men's team, could care less about offensive statistics. "If I need her to guard the best player, she'll guard the best player," Boyle said. "If I need five rebounds a game, she'll give me five rebounds a game. Whatever it is, she'll do it. It's a coach's dream to have a player like Faith. She's very, very coachable." ◆ WOMEN Ariana Moorer: Won the ACC's Sixth Man award in 2010‑11 after averaging 9.7 points per game for former head coach Debbie Ryan. Lyndra Littles: Came off the bench in 31 of 32 games during the 2005‑06 season and averaged 9.4 points per contest for the Cavaliers. Jeffra Gausepohl: In the 1993‑94 season, she came off the bench in every game and averaged 10.4 points per game for a UVa team that made the Sweet 16. Wendy Palmer: Coming off the bench in all 32 games during the 1992‑93 season, she averaged 11.7 points per contest while Virginia made the Elite Eight. Heather Burge: During the 1989‑90 season, the 6‑5 post player came off the bench in 27 of 35 games and aver‑ aged 12.2 points per game as Virginia advanced to the Final Four. Her twin sister, Heidi, was also a key reserve, averaging 8.9 points per contest during the 1990‑91 campaign. The best of the rest: Siedah Williams (2004‑05); Brandi Teamer (2003‑04); Cherrise Graham (2002‑03); Chalois Lias (2000‑01); Erin Stovall (1997‑98); Charleata Beale (1994‑95); Mimi McKinney (1996‑97); Heidi Burge (1990‑91); Kirsten Anderson (1987‑88); and Kathy McConnell (1988‑89). — Whitelaw Reid

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