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FAN FORUM FROM THE WEBSITE With 16 verbal commitments already pledged to Notre Dame for the class of 2017 as of July 19, the Fighting Irish have put themselves in position to have a consensus top‑10 recruiting class, maybe even a top‑five haul if some needs can be met at defensive end, offensive tackle, wide receiver and safety. However, the question that remains is whether Notre Dame is still a ways from championship contenders such as Alabama (which has had four straight No. 1 classes), Ohio State or Florida State, among others. It's a solid group capable of competing for 10 wins and a Big Six New Year's Bowl — but can it be a consistent championship level program like from 1988‑93, when the Irish had four straight No. 1 classes from 1987‑90? Here were some replies on our message board at Irishluvr23: I've read from some posters that they are disappointed in the progress so far. I just don't see that! This is a fine class that answers needs and has great talent overall. Maybe there aren't any 5‑star blue chipper kids but it's solid … A few more top end kids and this could be the class that sends ND to the top. ScrapOD: Scout has ND at #2 rank and all other services have them easily in the top 10 … there should not be disappointment from anyone. This is a heck of a class! TimKreps: I can't imagine how this could be dis‑ appointing unless you are only looking for 5 stars and counting the number of 3 stars. It seems like all need positions are being filled. It seems clearer and clearer that Kelly and Co. are great at evaluating talent. They are great at finding those 3‑star types with potential to move up or who fit the system PROFESSIONAL TALK What's with all these mentions of the NFL? In a recent edition of Blue & Gold Illustrated, there were 19 mentions of the NFL on pages 4 and 5 alone. Your associates can count up the additional mentions in the balance of the issue. B e t w e e n y o u a n d t h e N B C broadcasts, all we hear is: NFL, the next level, draft pick, etc. Let the NFL hire their own publicists. Barbara A. Norris Dallas BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007 Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: Four-star linebacker David Adams is part of Notre Dame's 16-man 2017 haul that was ranked No. 6 nationally by Rivals as of July 19. PHOTO BY ANDREW IVINS

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