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6 PRESEASON 2016 BLUE & GOLD ILLUSTRATED FAN FORUM FROM THE WEBSITE When head coach Brian Kelly an- nounced at media day Aug. 17 that quarterbacks DeShone Kizer and Malik Zaire will both play against Texas, there was no shortage of opinions from fans and members of the media. Kelly said he felt he needed to get two of his best five offensive players on the field, and though that goes against his previously stated goal of playing just one quarterback, he said he'll do what's necessary to win games. Here were a few samples of feedback on Kelly's decision from the message boards at GroggyGrizzly: I don't buy the make Bevo prepare for both argument since I don't think the offense will change that much no matter who is taking the snaps. If you had a pure drop-back talent vs. a run-first, throw-last QB … could buy it. Not this situation. mh2365: Playing two QBs ends any discussion of the playoffs … would agree with the thread topic … this is right up there with the Tulsa game as far as bonehead decisions … savvyandsassier: I'm pretty much spent on fretting over this. If he wants to go with two QBs as a full-fledged thing, then God bless him. And let's just get out there and win this damn thing. I agree that the dynamics in this scenario are at least more favorable than they could be in other similar situations, including the lefty/righty duality. Let's roll the dice and do it! ndtarheel7: Hope it's the right call. Seems like a punt on Kelly's part from my vantage point, but he's the boss. unclemikey: Not a bad idea to let them both "play" in the first game. At this stage, you're not gaining much by taking some practice reps away from one and giving them to the other. Just as well have them both prepped. They WILL get banged up, at best. He never said anything about playing them 50/50 … he said they will "both" play "at Texas." You would think they would both play a tad vs. Nevada. After that, who the hell knows? Dude's smarter than you are. Eat a Snickers. sharkfan83: If anyone can make a 2-QB system work it's Kelly … and he never claimed it would be even playing time between the QBs anyhow, he just said they would both play. He's brought the program a long ways and I fully expect a very successful season again this year. That's why he's the head coach … he makes the big bucks making the big decisions. Only decision we make is whether we're gonna sign up for another year of BGI. TheLazyLeprechaun: He keeps expounding on the idea that they are 2 of his top 5 playmakers and he is not against them both being on the field at the same time. I am excited about this prospect personally. I would not be surprised if this is because we have a 3rd string that most coaches would be happy starting. ryno1134: Zaire is a very good college football player (I like his college potential better than Kizer) and Kizer has more long-term NFL potential while also being a very good college football player. Gee, I wonder why Kelly is having trouble deciding. Zaire, in the course of approximately 4 games of playing time, has put up outstanding numbers, hasn't had a turnover and is an incredibly tough player to plan for defensively. Kizer has played about 11 games and has also put up good numbers, but also turned the ball over a pretty good amount albeit not a ton for a first-time starter. However, Kizer also showed a lot of poise and resilience during the season. It's a very tough call and I like the plan for Texas. In the end, I do think we will see one guy in the 4th quarter if the game is close (which I don't ex- pect). I do admittedly prefer Zaire, but I think there is a strong case for either one to be the full-time starter. Franchise 551: I hope Zaire is the starter. It's the only explanation for facilitating a QB controversy into the fall — Zaire must be playing better. Otherwise, it's a no-brainer to name Kizer. I don't believe a 2-QB "system," especially where both are of the same basic skill set, is a good idea. Domerdad: I predict he will start Kizer and if Kizer moves the ball very well early on … then he will stay in … if after a few series it ain't happening the rotation will continue, perhaps tweaked for the game situation, until some- one gets hot and shows sustained production. A slippery slope, but maybe the way to go. BGI User 1386: Here's a thought: Why don't we just wait and see how it transpires? I realize that might not fit with the mindset of all the "experts," but in as much as 99% of the folks posting here have not seen even 5 min of practice, etc. why not adopt a "wait and see"? Or is it important that folks stake out a position so that they can say "I told you so"? Let's assume one of them (perhaps like Zaire last year vs. Texas) is "hot." Do folks actually believe that BK will stick with 2 QBs (unless the game was out of reach)? Ditto if one struggles … MESSIN' WITH LADY LUCK "Here we go again," said the ghost of "The Gipper," with six Notre Dame players arrested in one night (Aug. 19). Is all this the predictable result of chasing the Doctor Pepper Tro- phy and all that Madison Avenue madness? I believe all Notre Dame students, especially athletes, should be grateful for the luck in their lives that gave them the opportunity to earn a Notre Dame degree. This was actor Paul Newman's an- swer to why he devoted so much of his life to philanthropic endeavors: "I want to acknowledge luck, the be- nevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others." It's sad that six young men thoughtlessly lost so much when they messed, not with Texas, but with "Lady Luck." Matt Hart Trenton, Mich. IN DEEP WATER Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has to be the happiest guy in the sports world. Why? Because six Notre Dame football players, by being really stu- DeShone Kizer (above) will split the quarterback duties with Malik Zaire against Texas, or at least that is what head coach Brian Kelly stated on Aug. 17. PHOTO BY ANDREW IVINS

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