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Oct. 31, 2016

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6 OCT. 31, 2016 BLUE & GOLD ILLUSTRATED FAN FORUM NOTRE DAME'S CHUTZPAH I enjoy your writing and analysis. Just an opinion from someone who is a huge Notre Dame fan (father is a graduate), but not the type to write or complain about Notre Dame foot- ball: No matter how you spin this season, this is on par with 2007 (3-9) and Charlie Weis. With all the money and hype, rea- sonable folks who care should be ask- ing why/how this can happen. It is not just Brian Kelly — who is a good offensive coach but an average head coach — but leadership at the top who give him a six-year extension. It is pattern of bad leadership, who raise prices on families (in some ways egregiously) and offer a me- diocre product. Notre Dame Nation, who fund this program, more so than alumni, deserve better. Kevin Purdy Fort Wayne, Ind. LEARNED HELPLESSNESS In 2010 Kelly had a sure win locked up with a chip-shot field goal against powerhouse Tulsa when he opted to have a freshman QB take a shot at the end zone. That call resulted in an in- terception and another Notre Dame loss to fall to 4-5. His response to the bizarre play call: "Get used to it." Unfortunately, after seeing 26 pass attempts into the teeth of Hurricane Matthew and many other questionable decisions in recent years, I am "used to it." Einstein said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. At NC State we saw incomplete passes over and over and over and over again, and expected a different result? Is that insanity? No, it is Kelly. Tony Ardizzone Indianapolis MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL … This team is much too talented to be in the position that they find themselves in. I believe the players long ago stopped listening to Brian Kelly. Even during the recent game at NC State in hurricane conditions, Kelly refuses to stop throwing the ball. NC State even changed QBs and replaced the passer with the runner. What does Kelly do? He keeps passing! He finally puts Malik Zaire in, for one play, with only a couple minutes remaining in the game. The very next play Zaire is pulled and passing resumes to no avail. Coach Kelly should look in the mirror because the image reflected is that of the person solely responsible for this year's record. Al Berecz Via the Internet ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? Having fun is forcing your will against the other team. Being more physical, running between the tack- les (north/south), and far less east/ west running. Take the game plan out of Mike Denbrock's hands, or whoever is making it, and give it to someone else. Enough of this planning-by-group brainstorming. It was Brian Kelly who may or may not have lost the Texas game because he couldn't pick a starting quarterback, either. If last year didn't prove that DeShone Kizer was the best starting QB, then Kelly must have blinders on. Go Irish!!! John Schumarker Glens Falls, N.Y. REBUTTAL The responses to a couple of valid questions in the Sept. 17 edition of Blue & Gold Illustrated leave a lot to be looked at. Regarding Brian Kelly's blaming players, your response indicated that there was no problem because Kelly mentioned himself as part of the problem. First, a coach should never call out a player by name on TV or in the press — period. Secondly, you attempted to ex- plain our inexcusably poor tackling to complex offensive schemes. Why then do our opponents tackle so much better than us? W.F. Pat Simpson '66 BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007 Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: With the extremely disappointing 2‑4 start and heading into the Oct. 15 game with Stanford, a popular question on was whether seventh‑year head coach Brian Kelly's job was in jeopardy and if director of athlet‑ ics Jack Swarbrick would make the move for a change. Most opined that Notre Dame will stay the course — unless Kelly wants greener pastures — but there will be tremendous pressure on the head coach to get the Irish back into the national picture in 2017. Here are some samples: BigNDFan80: ND would have to lose out. Maybe Kelly would take another job, but I doubt it. Chamgel: I still think if we miss a bowl, a move will be made. Especially if we hear the negativity in our home stadium the rest of the season that we heard in the Duke game. C_Pugh15: Not happening. I still believe Kelly is an excellent coach. I am starting to wonder whether he's lost the team. I still think we can make a run next year. Fr.Mac: Write this down: Kelly will be in the TV booth. He will be gone next year. ND 1000: The guy looks burned out like Mack Brown did his last year at Texas. Patriot82: This will be a long‑time fix. There are too many freshmen playing big minutes and with a plethora of three star guys competing at the top level is disastrous. RPMcMurphyyy: He is stealing a paycheck right now … anybody who's been at the exec/ leadership level in business can spot this. Trazbone: 5% chance if ND finishes 5‑7. Michbocc: BK just has the look of a guy with no answers and almost like he has given up. Tivs31: The only way is if he has a replacement already set up. You aren't going to get rid of Kelly to be going through a coaching search. Fedman: Even if Kelly finished 2‑10, I think he will be back next year. The only way he is not back is if he decides that he has had enough. NDtarheel7: Kelly would do well to take a sab‑ batical. From the outside looking in, he looks burnt out. The job is his next year if he wants it. Any talk that Jack Swarbrick is going to can him at sea‑ son's end is completely ridiculous. I wish someone would take him off our hands, though. He would seem to benefit from a new view out his window. BUCEPHALUS: Texas, LSU, and USC (if someone reaches out) are all infinitely more attractive to coaches who want to win. Absolutely the worst year to be shopping for the best. SSavon66: I don't think he gets fired this year. He will be pressured to make assistant changes though. I have had enough of him hiring former as‑ sociates. I understand wanting people you are com‑ fortable with, but that doesn't make them good coaches. The seat will be sweltering next season. FROM THE WEBSITE

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