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NOVEMBER 2016 THE WOLVERINE 51 2016-17 BASKETBALL PREVIEW Quoting John Beilein On The Big Ten, More • On the Big Ten: "As I've seen this league evolve, with new teams coming in, people going pro early, not going pro early, I don't think any of us would have ever imagined some of the dynamics that have gone on the last couple of years. Teams that you thought were fourth or fifth are winning the championship, and the people that were pre- dicted to win are finishing fourth or fifth. "It's going to be really interesting. I've not looked at the other teams at this point. I'll wait until I see video. I'll wait until the week before. We'll prepare for the actions that coaches will run then. "We've got to beat everybody. You've got to win your games. I looked at the schedule one time, and my stomach hurt. I said, I'm not looking at it anymore." • On Michigan's depth going in: "We have experienced depth with the bigger guys at the center. Whether [sophomore] Mo [Wagner] or [se- nior] Mark [Donnal] wins that position we'll see, but we'll have one of those guys behind them. "Whether [redshirt sophomore] D.J. [Wilson] or [redshirt junior] Duncan [Robinson] wins that other position, we'll have one of them behind him. That's really good to have that type of vet- eran depth, guys that have played for a full year at least. "The backcourt's a different story where the one, the two and the three have logged a lot of minutes. We have [freshmen] Ibi Watson and X [Xavier Simpson] coming in for them, so now we've got talent yet we're very inexperienced. "There are a lot of things that go into this out- look as we've found out. What role is the bench going to play? What role are the starters going to play? What's the injury situation? There are a lot of things. "But I like the team right now and the way we've been practicing and some of the things we've been doing that will be a change from what we've done in the past." • On this team having a chip on its shoulder: "I would hope so. We did not take it lightly, having a 13-point lead against Notre Dame [in the NCAA Tournament], and that absolutely awful second- half performance. "They know about that. We've talked about that a lot. That is not going to be acceptable going forward. We did not play with the type of grit you need, when you needed it most. "Hopefully, that's created the chip. They got a taste of the NCAA Tournament. Most of these guys, all but Zak and Derrick, had not played in one. Hopefully there is a chip that they want to get back. "The only way you get back is getting that grit, day by day." ILLINOIS Double-Dips: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State Home Only: Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Wiscon- sin Road Only: Indiana, Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers INDIANA Double-Dips: Michigan, North- western, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin Home Only: Illinois, Michigan State, Nebraska, Rutgers Road Only: Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio State IOWA Double -Dips: Illinois, Mary- land, Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers Home Only: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State Road Only: Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Wis- consin MARYLAND Double -Dips: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers Home Only: Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Purdue Road Only: Michigan, North- western, Penn State, Wisconsin MICHIGAN Double-Dips: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Wis- consin Home Only: Maryland, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue Road Only: Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, Rutgers MICHIGAN STATE Double-Dips: Michigan, Min- nesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, Purdue Home Only: Iowa, Northwest- ern, Rutgers, Wisconsin Road Only: Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Penn State MINNESOTA Double-Dips: Maryland, Mich- igan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin Home Only: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska Road Only: Illinois, Northwest- ern, Purdue, Rutgers NEBRASKA Double-Dips: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State Home Only: Illinois, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin Road Only: Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Rutgers NORTHWESTERN Double-Dips: Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers Home Only: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota Road Only: Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Wiscon- sin OHIO STATE D o u b l e - D i p s : M a r y l a n d , Michigan State, Minnesota, Ne- braska, Wisconsin Home Only: Indiana, North- western, Purdue, Rutgers Road Only: Illinois, Iowa, Michi- gan, Penn State PENN STATE Double-Dips: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, Rutgers Home Only: Maryland, Michi- gan State, Northwestern, Ohio State Road Only: Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin PURDUE Double-Dips: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State Home Only: Illinois, Minnesota, Rutgers, Wisconsin Road Only: Maryland, Michi- gan, Nebraska, Ohio State RUTGERS Double-Dips: Iowa, Maryland, Northwestern, Penn State, Wis- consin Home Only: Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska Road Only: Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue WISCONSIN Double-Dips: Indiana, Michi- gan, Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers Home Only: Iowa, Maryland, Northwestern, Penn State Road Only: Illinois, Michigan State, Nebraska, Purdue 2016‑17 SCHEDULE PRIMER

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