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December 2016

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BY MIKE SCANDURA A S THE LONE FOURTH-YEAR on Virginia's women's bas- ketball team, Breyana Mason finds herself in a unique role. In addition to scoring points (she averaged 10.0 last season) and dishing off assists (78 a year ago, which was second on the team), she'll serve as a mentor for a very young Cavalier team. "I think she embraces that role," head coach Joanne Boyle said. "I think Brey is wired to fill that role. I think she does a great job of talking to a teammate one on one and taking somebody to lunch or taking somebody to the locker room. She can share a lot after being here for four years so she has a great rapport with her teammates and enjoys doing it one on one. "I think her teammates respect her and value her opinion. When she speaks she has a lot to say and that speaks volumes about the respect they have for her. Brey puts the team first and often takes a back seat to her own potential accolades. That says a lot about how she wants this team to thrive and do well." As far as Mason is concerned, serving as a mentor is as easy as dribbling down the lane unguarded and banking in a layup. "That's definitely the case because of the knowledge I've had," Mason said. "It's something that happened naturally in terms of taking on a mentorship role with the players. I try to do that, whether it's on or off the court. I have great relationships with the underclassmen [of which there are 11]. "Being that leader … being that mentor to them comes easy to me. Because of our re- lationships I find it's easy for them to come to me and ask questions." Mason's personality and the fact she doesn't talk just to hear her own voice is another reason why she could play a key role this season for Virginia. "I think she's like any young person in that they grow," Boyle said. "The most im- pressionable years are between 17 and 22. Brey is a very engaging, likeable, person- able and a very articulate lady. She is more on the quiet side and not front and center. She has more of a quiet demeanor. DOING IT ALL Breyana Mason Will Score, Rebound, Assist and Lead For The Cavs

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