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Future Forecast F Players Chime In On the Burning Questions Heading Into 2012 Wolverines about the upcoming season, as well as life off of the field. Here is what they had to say. The Participants Jr. P Will Hagerup R-Jr. K Brendan Gibbons R-Jr. S Thomas Gordon R-So. S Josh Furman Sr. DE Craig Roh R-Jr. DE Nathan Brink Sr. DT Will Campbell R-So. LB Jake Ryan So. LB Desmond Morgan 5th-Sr. LB Kenny Demens Jr. WR Drew Dileo R-Jr. OT Taylor Lewan R-Fr. QB Russell Bellomy 5th-Sr. OL Patrick Omameh 5th-Sr. TE Brandon Moore R-So. WR Jerald Robinson WR Jerald Robinson LB Desmond Morgan LB Jake Ryan WR Drew Dileo WHO WILL BE THE TEAM'S BREAKOUT PLAYER? QB/WR Devin Gardner ollowing a year in which Michigan made a resounding resurgence on the college football landscape — including a thrilling overtime victory in the Sugar Bowl — expectations are exceedingly high for Team 133. In this year's media day poll, The Wolverine quizzed a throng of current BY KEVIN MINOR Others Receiving A Vote: OL Mi- chael Schofield and OL Taylor Le- wan. Bellomy on Robinson: "I got to 4 2 2 2 1 throw a lot to Jerald last year in scout team, and he is amazing. He's definitely doing really, really well so far. out in every aspect. I feel like he's doing really well on both spots. est hitter on this team, and he is only a sopho- more. Lewan on Morgan: "I consider him the hard- " " Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Jerald Robinson earned raves from his teammates as a potential breakout player for U-M in 2012. PHOTO BY LON HORWEDEL 42 THE WOLVERINE SEPTEMBER 2012 Demens on Gardner: "If it's one guy who I like right now, it's probably Devin Gardner. As a double-role-playing quarterback and receiver, he's trying to help the team believably hard-working in- dividual. Over the summer, I would watch him catch tennis balls for an hour and a half trying to get better. He has great hands and is a great leader for this team too." Lewan on Dileo: "He's an un- " WHO MOST DESERVES TO BE THE CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM? The Entire Senior Class Yet To Be Determined QB Denard Robinson S Jordan Kovacs without a doubt. Everybody talks about leading by example, but he leads vocally and really in every way I can think of. Obviously, that pays off in the field and in the locker room." Lewan on Kovacs: "It's not what he Bellomy on Robinson: "Denard 4 3 2 2 everybody's been stepping up in their own way. As camp goes on, some- body's going to step out — and by the end of camp we should know." Morgan: "I think all the seniors are does, it's more what doesn't he do. He is a natural leader. Everything he does stems from a leader type of mentality. He is a natural leader on the field and off the field." Campbell: "We have 22 seniors, and really stepping up. As a class, they're stepping up and leading this team like they should." Demens: "I would say I probably couldn't pin it on one guy, but the entire senior class going off of last year and the great leadership. When we were juniors, not having to really lead the team at all, probably after the Sugar Bowl, as a group we took a huge leap. I really see it and it's great watching us open up and come through." OL Joey Burzynski QB Jack Kennedy P Matt Wile WHO IS THE SMARTEST WOLVERINE? vacs and OL Patrick Omameh. Morgan on Burzynski and Ken- Also Receiving A Vote: S Jordan Ko- 7 4 2 nedy: "I think Burzynski is majoring in some nuclear science or something like that. We also joke around that Jack Kennedy's supposed to be the next president, so he is smart too." Bellomy on Kennedy: "Jack is a ge- nius. He is a physics major, so you can only imagine. Obviously he speaks intellectually, and he is also one of those people that is super smart but has a lot of common sense." Furman on Wile: "Matt Wile is the first person that comes to mind. I think his major is engineering. He is just a smart guy." Omameh: "Smartest person in the classroom? Patrick Omameh."

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