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T ines on the field, those inside that organization insist. The extra dollars aren't piling up in a vault. Instead, they're channeled into he Michigan athletic depart- ment's continued success at staying in the black means good news for the Wolver- BY JOHN BORTON In The Future Investing paying off the debt for the massive undertaking to refurbish Michigan Stadium, helping finance the Crisler Center project and supporting a host of other facilities endeavors on the athletic campus. In short, they're aimed at keeping the "Leaders and Best" from becoming trailers behind the rest, according to Michigan direc- tor of athletics David Brandon. "We plan to use our operating Michigan Surpluses Are Directed To Debt And Facilities surpluses to help keep our debt lev- els manageable as we continue the fundraising efforts that will enable us to fund our ongoing capital and facility renewal projects," Brandon noted through the school's website. "Our goal is to create 'Leaders and Best' practice and competition facili- ties which will provide our student- athletes, coaches and fans who attend our athletic events the best possible experience." While Brandon sees no shortage of areas in which the cash can be ap- plied, he's also unencumbered by red ink. He reported to Michigan's Board of Regents on June 21, and prelimi- nary results projected an operating surplus of $15.3 million for fiscal year 2012. That marked some $3.9 million more than Michigan budgeted, the gap primarily caused by higher- than-expected admissions in both football and men's basketball, along with greater licensing royalties than anticipated. Some of that surplus immediately went to the ongoing projects at Crisler Center and Yost Field House, which are in the latter stages of construction. In addition, Michigan's athletic de- partment is projecting a surplus of $5.8 million for the coming fiscal year, with $130.3 million in projected rev- enue and $124.5 million in operating expenses. Michigan features some 880 stu- dent-athletes it supports, as well as more than 300 athletic department employees. Brandon has made it clear he's seeking a "Michigan-level" ath- letic experience for those participat- 62 THE WOLVERINE SEPTEMBER 2012 Director of athletics David Brandon has made it clear he's seeking a "Michigan-level" athletic experience for those participating in the now 29 varsity sports at the university. PHOTO BY PER KJELDSEN

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