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October 2012

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five questions CAVALIERSPORTS VOLLEYBALL HEAD COACH DENNIS HOHENSHELT ers about a lot right now — about changing the culture. That may be the phrase I use with them the most. This group that we have here right now may not … get to the NCAAs, but this group has the ability to change the cul- ture of University of Virginia volleyball. "[First] we change the culture … so when the new kids come in, I don't have to go back and teach it each year. Before it was never like that. change the culture? Hohenshelt: "For example, when the Cavalier Corner: How exactly do you " kids are here during the summer, lift- ing is no longer optional. The football players are lifting, so why shouldn't my kids be lifting? That's where a program turns the corner, when the kids start to take responsibility for what happens to the team. Then I don't have to be on them all the time. "There is a leadership part to it, and it is how we play the game every day. I know you will not be perfect all the time, but there is no reason you cannot play hard all the time. but there is just a lack of depth. Our job is to go recruit better kids, more kids. The problem in the past has been the lack of numbers. Cavalier Corner: And your No. 2 priority? Hohenshelt: "There are good kids here, good players, " Hohenshelt spent 16 years as an assistant at Penn State and helped the Nittany Lions win five national titles. PHOTO COURTESY UVA Virginia into a top-notch volleyball program? Hohenshelt: "It is something that we talk with the play- Cavalier Corner: What is it going to take to develop "We are just going to have to be more consistent in terms of recruiting year in and year out." Cavalier Corner: The recent renovations, plus streaming games on the Internet, will be a huge boost for recruiting, right? Hohenshelt: "Exactly! To me this is a national university and we don't have to recruit one area of the country. I have to be able to recruit California and tell par- ents that they can watch their kids play when they are not able to come. It is all a part of a pro- cess. "The administration has been at Memorial Gym? Hohenshelt: "It is awesome. It is small, yeah, but you get fantastic. They want this program to go to new heights. Not that it has been a blank check, but it's, 'Tell us what you want and let's prioritize and let's do it right. Cavalier Corner: Can you talk more about these new facilities '" a lot of people in there, and it becomes a huge home-court advantage. This summer, we upgraded all of the lighting, the sound system and a major renovation in the locker room. We have a big video meeting room and lounge. There is a study and work station area. It is nicer than my house, I think. It is first-class and will be one of the nicer [women's volleyball] locker room facilities in the country. " CAVALIER CORNER ◆ OCTOBER 2012 ◆ 16 — Sean Corso

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