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from Notre Dame's an- nounced move to the At- lantic Coast Conference occurred Sept. 25. Three days following T he f irst footbal l scheduling casualty its 13-6 victory versus Michigan, Notre Dame confirmed that after the 2014 football season its long-standing rivalry with the Wolverines will be put on hold. The Irish opted out of playing Michigan from 2015-17, and a two-year hiatus was already in place be- tween the two in 2018-19. Notre Dame will re- main an independent in football, but starting in 2014 it is required to play five ACC teams per season. It will still play Michigan in 2013 and 2014. "The decision to can- UNDER THE DOME SCHEDULE SHIFT BY LOU SOMOGYI Notre Dame cancels Michigan games from 2015-17 cel games in 2015-17 was Notre Dame's and not ours," Michigan athletics director David Brandon said in a statement. "We value our annual rivalry with Notre Dame, but will have to see what the Michigan was the first scheduling casualty with Notre Dame prepar- ing to meet its obligation of playing five ACC teams on a yearly basis, but the Wolverines are probably not gone for good. future holds for any con- tinuation of the series." Notre Dame's contract with Michigan had a roll- over provision that upon the kickoff of one game, PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA it would automatically add another game with the Wolverines in the fu- ture. "We needed to avoid the automatic addition

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