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really understand is everybody talks about how important special teams are, and it's just as important as offense and defense until you try to use your starters on spe- cial teams. I don't really get it. To me, it seems like talking out of both sides of your mouth, and we've never done that. We're in a situation now where I think we've got a really good two-deep on spe- cial teams. We've got a returner right now who I think is leading the conference as a punt returner and is someone who people are watching on film and are concerned about, and I know we have a kickoff re- turner who I think we need to get a little bit more production out of. We've got to do a better job of blocking, but we have a kick returner who I know makes people nervous to kick it to, and that's no slight on those other guys. I think those other guys have that role and that ability, as well. But I think for the point that you made, Saquon Barkley is one of the more explo- sive players, if not the most explosive player in the country when the ball is in his hands, and this is a way for us to pretty much guarantee that he's going to get the ball. Or they're going to kick it short to an up back and we're still going to end up with really good field position. Last week, you said that you thought that pressuring the quarterback and getting sacks was a potential area for improvement. You had five sacks on Saturday. Do you feel like you made that leap, or was it something that was sort of opponent-specific? How do you feel like that worked out on Saturday? I think we made progress. Again, it goes back to your point about the opponent. I think when you play a pro-style team and they are going to drop back and do a tra- ditional passing game on obvious passing downs, it helps you, there's no doubt about it. But I still think we can be more destruc- tive up front with our D-tackles, with our defensive ends. Five sacks I think are good. I think we can be better. I think we can be better, I really do. I think we are making progress there. But as we all know, defensive end was one of the positions that we needed to get a better feel for and get more comfortable with, who those guys were going to be and what their roles were going to be, and we're starting to figure that out practice by practice, game by game and day by day. So it's starting to show there. S E P T E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7 B L U E W H I T E O N L I N E . C O M 13 PENN STATE RADIO NETWORK COACHES STATION SIGNAL CITY/MARKET* GAME SHOW** WAEB 790-AM Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton ✔ ✔ WVAM 1430-AM Altoona ✔ ✔ WRKY 104.9-FM Altoona/Hollidaysburg ✔ WAVL 910-AM Apollo ✔ ✔ WPGG 1450-AM Atlantic City, N.J. ✔ WPG 104.1-FM Atlantic City, N.J. ✔ WILK 103.1-FM Avoca ✔ ✔ WAYC 1600-AM Bedford ✔ ✔ WAYC 100.9-FM Bedford ✔ WAGL 103.9-FM Bradford ✔ ✔ WAGL 99.1-FM Bradford ✔ ✔ WISR 680-AM Butler ✔ WJEJ 1240-AM Chambersburg/Hagerstown, Md. ✔ ✔ WCCR 92.7-FM Clarion ✔ ✔ WWCB 1370-AM Corry ✔ ✔ WAGL 103.9-FM Coudersport ✔ ✔ WAGL 99.1-FM Coudersport ✔ ✔ WZDB 95.9-FM DuBois/Sykesville ✔ ✔ WWLZ 820-AM Elmira, N.Y./Ithaca, N.Y. ✔ ✔ WWLZ 101.3-FM Elmira, N.Y./Ithaca, N.Y. ✔ ✔ WPSE 1450-AM Erie ✔ ✔ WPSE 107.1-FM Erie ✔ ✔ WAVL 98.7-FM Greensburg ✔ ✔ Sports Radio 96.5 FM Harrisburg ✔ ✔ Sports Radio 95.3-FM Harrisburg ✔ ✔ Sports Radio 1400-AM Harrisburg ✔ ✔ Sports Radio 93.5-FM (HD) Harrisburg ✔ ✔ WKZN 1300-AM Hazleton ✔ ✔ WCCL 101.7-FM Johnstown ✔ WAGL 103.9-FM Kane ✔ ✔ WAGL 99.1-FM Kane ✔ ✔ WNPV 1440-AM Lansdale ✔ ✔ WLBR 1270-AM Lebanon ✔ ✔ WLIU 670-AM Lewistown ✔ ✔ WLIU 92.9-FM Lewistown ✔ ✔ WOGA 92.9-FM Mansfield ✔ ✔ WOGA 93.1-FM Mansfield ✔ ✔ WVNJ 1160-AM New York Metro ✔ ✔ WKQW 96.3-FM Oil City ✔ ✔ WKQW 1120-AM Oil City ✔ ✔ WNTP 990-AM Philadelphia ✔ ✔ KQV 1410-AM Pittsburgh ✔ ✔ WAVT 101.9-FM Pottsville ✔ WPPA 1360-AM. Pottsville ✔ ✔ WIOV 1240 AM Reading ✔ ✔ WIOV 98.5-FM Reading ✔ ✔ WBZU 910-AM Scranton ✔ ✔ WAGL 103.9-FM Smethport ✔ ✔ WAGL 99.1-FM Smethport ✔ ✔ WQWK 1450-AM State College ✔ ✔ WBUS 93.7-FM State College ✔ WKOK 1070-AM Sunbury ✔ ✔ WCCL 101.7-FM Somerset ✔ WHGL 100.3-FM Troy/Canton ✔ ✔ WTRN 1340-AM Tyrone ✔ ✔ WTRN 100.7-FM Tyrone ✔ ✔ WNDA 1490-AM Wellsboro ✔ ✔ WNDA 93.5-FM Wellsboro ✔ ✔ WILK 980-AM Wilkes-Barre ✔ ✔ WKSB 102.7-FM Williamsport ✔ WRAK 1400-AM Williamsport ✔ WSBA 910-AM York ✔ ✔ WGLD 1440-AM York/Red Lion ✔ * Pennsylvania unless otherwise noted | ** Airs Thursdays at 6:05 p.m.

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